Thursday, June 2, 2011

May Quotes

May Quotes

Mom: "Everything in this world is replaceable, except for the love I have for you"

Man Teaching Class: "I'm going to take you outside and beat you silly"

Man Teaching Class:  "I might be 'disturbing someone's peace'"

Man Teaching Class:  "Can I just take my gun out and shoot him?! No I would be a killer!" 

Man Teaching Class:  "I can't just go and punch, or  bang my head on the locker" 

Man Teaching Class:  (trying to give examples of verbal abuse) "Your tie sucks!"

Emily (Sarah's sister) : "Why are you girls all dolled up?"

Mayson: "Doesn't it feel good to be the best looking one there?"
Sarah: "Yeah..." 

Sarah: "The temple makes my hair like super straight and soft. (both look in mirror and see curly hair) usually..."

Walker: "Since they get to go around the block, I should get new shoes! It's a trade in!" 

Brother Manscill: "My wife is obsessed with old people!"

Brother Manscill:  "Because I like sandwiches so we are sandwiching it together!"

Mayson: "I hope I qualify... For the celestial kingdom. That's my next stop, right after death." 

Sarah: "Mayson, when you get married can I be the first lady or whatever the bridesman girl is called. "

Mayson: "I hate gifts, and breakfast and sentimental things."
Packer: "Man, Christmas must be a rough day for you."
Jake: "She is just depressed, ignore everything she is saying" 

Tanner: "But honestly I think I want to do interior design"

McKann: "This is like when the savior washed peoples feet" 

McKann: "we had to wash peoples feet for achievement days and it freaking freaked me out"

McKann: "you crimp"

Mayson: "you are gonna go straight."
Sarah: "Forever?" 

Mayson: (screaming out a window) "l am taking the AP test tomorrow!

Sister Nelson: "we can't come to Christ." 
YW crowd: "ummmm.... "
Sister Nelson: "Oh my! We can! We can come unto Christ!" 

Aubrey Snelson: "I had a boyfriend once!"

Mayson: "Sarah's dead!"
Jake: "Good!"

Aaron: "Well Christ did increase in wisdom "
Jake: "and in stature..."
Aaron: "yeah not helping" 
Jake: "just had to finish the scripture"

Jake: "When he is done, I will help you he (Aaron)  is inadequate"

Warner: "Did you know Brother Brown's a character?! And he is 99 and still alive!" 

Warner: "So pretty much I am going to marry Gabe" 
Dad: "Warner Winkel?"
Warner: "No, Gabe Astle"

Mayson: "I hope I have a cute old husband when I am big!"
Caleb Cranney: "Yeah and then you could be like...I could pinch your frail cheek!" 

Caleb Cranney: "Dania, I never make your quote book! 
Dania" What?! You make me laugh all the time!"
Caleb Cranney: "Well, I guess my quotes arent juicy enough to make it!"

Mayson: "I wish they had something so we can find out who it is--kinda like shazam!"
Dania: "Yeah except for name that tune, it's name that apostle!"

Wendy: "Yeah like when you take cold medicine to go to sleep"
Mayson "Yeah I have never done that"
Wendy: "Oh I do it all the time." 

Mayson: "Is anything else due?"
Jake: "Your baby."

Mr. Sutherland: "This is your yearbook speaking, have you bought me?"

Lauren: "I just wanna be her! Minus the deaf part!"

Warner: "Can we listen to I am a child of god?"
Mayson: "I don't have it."
Warner: Oh come on!"

Lauren: "I did mit Hitler once"

Brother Dykstra: "she acted like she was getting possessed- she was- except in a good way!"

Cassidy Baker: "Mayson.. I never know what to say after this movie (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas) .... You can all leave early because you are all depressed" 

Jonathan: "you were there (at the play)... With a camera."

Mayson: (at karaoke night, picture to burn) "This song is dedicated to all the stupid people out there"

Mayson: "If I saw him at a park I would leave, let alone he tried to sit by me on a bench!" 

Warner: (prayer) "and bless that the kidnappers won't take us away, and that we can listen to people bigger than us" 

Mr. Van Orden: "Oh it kinda was spiritual?-- like girls camp?"

Sicily (talking about our extra long hug) "You count the seconds, I will count the minutes" 

Emily: "I need signs"

Emily: "It also is kinda a compliment" 

Macall: (at like 4AM) "We can eat anything!"

Jake: "My definition of dating is 2 people that do things that are stupid." 

Lauren: "Handicap people do their hair!"

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