Monday, June 13, 2011

i don't care what people say.

This is when you know that you have no friends. hahaha, I just danced around my room, took pictures on photo booth, again and then just put in on the internet for you all to see. Obviously I don't seem to care what you have to think any more. Boredom and lack of friends leaves me this way. What do you do when you are bored? I need tips. And preferably not educational valuable things. I know I should do EHS, or work on Yearbook stuff or read a book, if I wanted to do those things, I would have. So now I lay on a bed, thinking about how I just want to do something, like go get frozen yogurt at Yogi Castle. That sounds delicious. I wish that idea would have come up at dinner today. I am tempted to ask if I could go, but I have no idea how to get there, and we went there just the other day, but can one have too much frozen yogurt goodness? If I knew anyone around, I would go with them and it wouldn't be as weird. But I don't.  So I am stuck here at the home, like always. Do I dare watch another movie? No. Not today. Bursting out, well actually more like blasting, and mouthing "Empire State of Mind" will be fine for now. August will not come soon enough Lars Bars. On a side note, my mom is here in Maryland. Weird huh? I will probably going to Travis Pastrana's house this Saturday. It's the perfect excuse to NOT go to work and to RUB it in SARAH'S FACE. (Just kidding girl, I love you) I like my mom, she is cool. So yeah, I might be seeing her. Hopefully. I really don't want to go to work and I really want to see her. Double goodness. The thought of spending 6 days at Calleva this week is awful, and technically I am supposed to go on Sunday. Beep no. I am going to church and having a day of rest. That's it. The end. See you all later. Well, not really. Well, I guess later.

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  1. HAHAHHAHHA. Oh Patrick. This whole post is great. I can tell that you are bored. You ramble when you are bored. And BEEP yeah, I am freaking jealous. You do you think you are? Eh? Travis Pastana's house.. Your mom said she was going to send me a picture of his house. You should too. Along with a picture of every hot male you see. Literally. You know why? Because. That's why. P.S. I am going on trek on thursday so I will have to communication with anyone until Saturday night. Ugh. How lame. I have already begged my mom to let me stay. I can't. Anyway, I love you and miss you like crazy. For reals. Don't go completely insane. And don't die. Thanks pal, you rock.