Saturday, October 24, 2009

Football Games!!!

Homecoming! Oh ya... We got spirit!
Mt. View Game
The Regulars: Me, Lyd and Audge
Sophomore Game!
Me and Lyd got these cool shirts at a game!
Me and Emily @ Provo game
me and marco @ Provo

Well Timpview is having a good football season!! I really do love going to the games!! Lydia and I went to pretty much all of the sophomore football games, there were a few away games we skipped out on but still, we went to most of them! Honestly it is so much fun to go and support the team! We are region champs for Sophomore!! Yeah!! Last night was the Provo-Timpview Game, score? 64-7 (I believe) Oh ya...WE DOMINATE!!!! 20 years in a row baby! (beating Provo) This has NOTHING to do with football...but I am going to be 16 in like a week, and 2 days!!! Oh my heck, YESSS!!!!! Anyway, I just love Timpview Football, can't wait for State!!!! :)