Monday, June 27, 2011

just another ordinary miracle.

I opened my email expecting the usual-- a email from some sort of Calleva staff, a fastweb news message, maybe a Pinterest email and most likely a response from Iszy-- but instead, I had received one final email from my brother. In 48 hours, he will no longer be a serving missionary of the church. He will be home, and I won't be there. The subject of his email was entitled "Life happens. . . . but so do miracles!" As I read about his last minute transfer, (the one which caused me to no longer be able to see him), I thought about how much of life had been happening here, and the miracles I have seen with it.

My experiences here, have not been the easiest. I have had a rough start making friends, and a rougher start fitting in. Work has been hard, and I have felt alone for a majority of the 27 days I have lived here. So here's to "life" that has been going on in Poolseville Maryland. 

But-- as I stop to reflect the small miracles that have happened, I cannot forget how blessed and watched over I am by a loving Heavenly Father.

I think of my mom, who randomly had to visit for work. To see one familiar face, helped me to decide that staying here is going to be okay, and to know that when I come home, I will have a loving family and support of my friends. My mom was a miracle.

I think of the time when Eric (the man I live with) sat me down and had a talk about my work, and about how hard I work. The advice and the "support" he gave me was a miracle. 

I think of the fact that I have almost been in 2 car crashes, and the fact that I am still alive and I have yet to actually crash. Surviving was a miracle. 

The many phone calls, some which lasted 4 minutes, others up to 2 hours, with my friends and family who have supported me in venturing off. I know many of them would not desire me to be gone, yet, they take much time out of their day to comfort me. To find service here, and to be able to talk for longer than 1 minute, that is a miracle. But really, I have seen the miracle of friendship.

Even just barely, as I wondered what I would be eating for dinner, who I would spend the night with, I got a phone call from a man in my ward/work inviting me for FHE. This invitation was a miracle. 

Miracles happen everyday. They do. Not just every day around the world, every day to you personally.  It's up to us to decide if we will recognize them as miracles, or just as day to day events in life. Open your perspective and realize that God is in your life. Small things, big things--  he is there. He is helping. Not only that, but he cares. 

Today,  I challenge you to find your miracle.

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