Tuesday, June 21, 2011

all of the dirt you've been throwing my way.

Did you know that I breathe better when I am muddy? Also my mom kicked me out of the house because I would get the house too muddy? Then when she would give me soap to clean my body, I would just eat the soap for breakfast? Well, it's true. And I walked here from Utah because I had no where to go. Now I just live on a rock by Riley's Lock (where Calleva meets together) and they pay me in soap and give me lunch? Yep. So my campers attacked me with muddy sand and washed my hair in it. All the girls said I looked pretty with my hair like that. Except they weren't kidding. Even the other JC thought so. So I guess shampoo is for LOSERS.  My favorite was the little girl who told me I could live with her and that my life was really sad. 

Oh the things that children believe.

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