Friday, June 17, 2011

they say home is where the heart is.

The staff debrief tonight was actually pretty fun. The JC people in charge of us are so awesome. Well, there is Gresko-- he looks a lot like Andy Samburg. He is super cool too. I love being around him. Then there is Stevo, who used to have really gross long hair and buzzed it all off and now is pretty attractive, well I don't know him too well. Last, Colleen. She looks like Jocelyn Murray. Besides what she looks like, she is super cool. I like being around her. Then I just hung out with the JCs and ate chicken. 

After the meeting, I came home, turned on Harry Potter, almost did yearbook stuff and went on Pinterest for so long. Pinterest is addicting and it really makes me think about my future home. I never imagine myself living in a huge spacey home similar to the one I live in Maryland. I imagine a more cozy, and very cute home. Ideally, with shutters and a picket fence. Pretty please husband? I just want a picket fence and I will be the happiest, best behaved wife ever. I imagine a cute home, but really, nothing too fancy. I want to make each of my kids quilts. I want to personalize my home. It will be me. It will feel like a home. In my head, I have the cutest home ever.

is this so hard to ask for?

Have you noticed my late obsession with my future home? Yeah, so have I. PINTEREST. It will do that to you.

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