Monday, May 30, 2011

one day to a new beginning

Mady and I in a cave. Oh geology.

we love dinosaurs

Joseph. I love Joseph.

Provo Beach Resort. Karaoke baby.

Clouds at 6AM from the Y.

No sleep+singing Joseph+awesome outfit=this picture

Oh Paigey.

Les Mis. White legs. Short. That's me.
Title fitting much? Les Mis+One more day in Provo?! Today I went shopping. I got all sorts of things for my adventures. I got a handful of things. I still need a handful more. I still can't believe tomorrow is my last day in Utah for 2 months. I really am so excited. Nerves have been accompanying my excitement--but really I can't wait. Oh goodness, real cities. I get to go to real cities. Yesterday I was in SLC for Les Mis. (Yes I went on a Sunday-- JUDGE ME!) It made me so exited to walk the streets of DC. Goodness me, I am excited. Les Mis was among the best plays I have even seen. I loved it. Words can't describe how much I loved it. Wicked stil stays dearest in my heart but how can you not love Fantine belting "I Dreamed a Dream" or little Gavroche or the poor love story of Marius, Cossette and Eponine (really just poor for Eponine) or one of the greatest acts of redemption and love of Jean Valjean?   All of it was just beautiful. Hands down beautiful. I loved it. Dearly.

Ps. Random pictues were just for fun.

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