Monday, June 6, 2011

i throw my hands up in the air sometimes

Today I started camp. To save you a long sad story on how orientation was miserable, I will just jump to today. (Yes Lauren, that was kinda like a vague Facebook status, if you wanted to know how orientation went you would answer your phone sometimes) Oh my the campers are funny. I work in "Explorers" (ages 6-9) I hope I can work there most of the summer. Since most people in MD have school still,  we just got the private school kids. There were 5 boys. Oh man, they say the funniest things. Then there were 3 counselors. (Baldy-- in my brothers ward, Brandon--17 year old funny boy, and Me--if you don't know me, stop reading my blog, creep)

**So yeah, I was sitting here typing (my laptop won't work for some dumb reason) and Coleman thought he would just scare me. . . AGAIN. He has done it so many times and somehow gets me each time. He is quieter than quiet then he just appears out of nowhere.**

That was a side note. Anyway, we went on a "hike" to some "haunted mill", went kayaking, had lunch, ate ice cream, and went tubing. I played so many games of ninja destruction and I sang "Dynamite" and other songs way too much. But I loved it. It was a fun adventure. Making up stories is going to be my expertee when I return. Want to know how the rocks got there? Oh yeah, a dragon. Take that Mrs. Benson. I told them to look for a bright red rock that the dragon's wife made out of one teardrop. They were looking forever. How I love little kids.

Kids say the funniest things. They saw a bunch of ants. Conversation...
Kids:  (screaming) "Ahh!!! There are just so many ants!"
Kid #1: "Yeah, you know how many people there are in the world?"
Kid #2: A lot!
Kid #1: Infinity
Kid #3: No about 7 billion.
Kid #1: Yeah, so there a infinity people and do we all just scream when we see them?! No! So calm down!!!
Hahahah that was just classic. Have a good day. Behave.


  1. I called you back TWICE! and there was no answer....

  2. You need to teach these children the game Indian Attack. It sounds like they'd love it.