Thursday, June 9, 2011

hung upon your wall for the world to see.

Sometimes I feel like crap after 99 degree, 80% humidity and a day at the farm with 6 kids for 7 hours. So after eating dinner, I thought I would go lay in my room and just relax. Finn and Gabe had different plans. . .

So we played. Gabe (the older one) was the monster while Finn and I tried to escape from him. 
And we took lots of pictures. :) 

I have camp songs stuck in my head. To the max. It's quite great. (But not really!) Tomorrow is my last day of work until Monday. I worked every day this whole week. (Including Saturday and Sunday, I need a break for a couple of days) Calleva, you are taking over my life!!  

Ahh man, I love little kids. They say the funniest things, like seriously. Gabe and I were looking at some pictures on my computer and I said "That boy is really cute" His response? "I can tell" Hahaha. Oh boy. How hilarious? I loved it. 

You met a few of my new friends now. Little Finn is super cute, and I love Gabe. Isn't it nice to know that I have friends? And I LIVE with them! Maybe I will find me a 17 year old friend. Just maybe.

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