Friday, June 3, 2011

what do you say?

hahahaha, i am a little lonely.
Welcome to Maryland Mayson. Yep. Alive. Me. I am. It hasn't been too exciting, nothing much to boast about yet. I went to the pool yesterday. I didn't swim. I felt awkward because I was alone. I watched Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Yours, Mine and Ours (the new one, not funny like the one Brower showed us in Drama) and started watching The Lake House. I got bored during the last one, and super confused. I don't quite understand how they were writing in different years. I am sure they explain it at some point but I was bored, so off it went. I have been to the grocery store a few times, eaten a few sandwiches, really not too exciting. But let me tell you, I really like my new family, The kids are hilarious.

Colman. Oh Colman. What a crack up. He is 12. I asked him about himself. He said he likes to read. Then he went on and on about how much he likes to read. Then he went on and on about how I should read for an hour every night. Then he went on and on about the kind of books I should read. Seriously, I love Colman.  If only he knew my struggles with reading. He gave me a book to read. I feel obligated to read it-- I was excited for Les Mis, but I guess " The Name of This Book is Secret" will be my new read. Colman is going to make me play Magic with him. And tons of other things. He is great.

Then we have Tate. I haven't talked to Tate much, I think he is scared of me. Tate's 10. He has long hair, which I am not to fond of. But he has the cutest little voice. Tate had come choir concert thing last night. I was going to go, but found myself at home watching a movie instead. I hope Tate doesn't stay scared of me forever. He seems pretty sweet.

Then we have Gabe. Gabe is scared of me too. He is 7. Gabe drew a picture and asked me if I like it. He was the first kid I met but I still don't know him well. He makes me laugh. I like being around Gabe. He is pretty cool. But since the 3 oldest boys have school, I haven't talked to them much, besides Colman. Gabe is pretty sweet.

Oh and little Finn. He is 2 almost 3. Okay, I have been around Finn a lot. He is so sweet and cute.But at the same time, he is kinda a little punk. We went to Target and he literally wanted everything. "Mom I want that! I want that!" Overall, he is a pretty well behaved little boy. He was scared of me at first and still kinda is, but I think he has gotten used to me.]

Anjie is my new mother. I like her. She is a sweetheart. She is organic health freak though, that is a little different than my donuts and crazy core diet. So far, I have enjoyed everything. She is also pretty cool and will buy me my own food if I need it. But, I don't want to bug too much. At the same time, I don't want to starve. So we will see.

Eric is the dad. He is such a great, nice guy. He is pretty chill, super nice. He is funny too. We were looking up boys on FB yesterday for me to date. (HIS IDEA) We watched some funny videos (like the one I posted yesterday) Eric is super cool.

So yeah, that's the Martinis family. I like them. They are pretty cool people. I guess we shall see. Work starts tomorrow. Orientation? Oh yes. Please, please let me make a friend.

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