Friday, December 4, 2009

I Literally Love Lizi!!!!

Literally, Lizi and Me

My dearest Lizi,

Literally? It is your birthday, SOOOO SOON!!!!!

The Top Ten Reasons I Literally Love Lizi

1. She is literally the funniest person to walk the earth.
2. She is literally so beautiful.
3. She can literally make my day a better and brighter one.
4. She literally has the BEST laugh ever!
5. She is literally such a smartie!
6. Rides with her to Cowabunga were literally the most fun thing ever.
7. Literally, Lizi has the best taste in music.
8. She is so creative, literally.
9. Literally, she is the best older sister one can ask for.
10. Literally, she understands why literally is the greatest word ever, literally.

Gosh, how can one not literally love lizi!! She is literally the best person ever. Ah, there are literally not enough words to describe why I love her so much. You better wish her a happy birthday on December 8, or i will literally kick your butt. LITERALLY!!!!!

Mayson (literally)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Football Games!!!

Homecoming! Oh ya... We got spirit!
Mt. View Game
The Regulars: Me, Lyd and Audge
Sophomore Game!
Me and Lyd got these cool shirts at a game!
Me and Emily @ Provo game
me and marco @ Provo

Well Timpview is having a good football season!! I really do love going to the games!! Lydia and I went to pretty much all of the sophomore football games, there were a few away games we skipped out on but still, we went to most of them! Honestly it is so much fun to go and support the team! We are region champs for Sophomore!! Yeah!! Last night was the Provo-Timpview Game, score? 64-7 (I believe) Oh ya...WE DOMINATE!!!! 20 years in a row baby! (beating Provo) This has NOTHING to do with football...but I am going to be 16 in like a week, and 2 days!!! Oh my heck, YESSS!!!!! Anyway, I just love Timpview Football, can't wait for State!!!! :)

Monday, September 21, 2009


So summer is over and school is in! Student Government has been so much fun! Friends are fun! Life is pretty good I guess. So lately I have been going to a lot of football games. I love football! :D I honestly don't know what to say! I don't have much at all. I think I am going to write the 25 top things that make me laugh or happy. (not in order really)

1. Friends, they are the most perfect escape from any problems.
2. Inside Jokes. There are billions of those in my world.
3. My Mom. She pretty much does everything for me.
4. Blue Eyes. They really do light up a room.
5. Lizi Pack. Her laugh makes me laugh.
6. Cute things little kids say. For instance "Maddox, who built you?... Jesus"
7. Embarrassing Stories. No matter who they happen to they are funny.
8. Jokes. Helen Keller, That's what she said, dumb blonde; not thats what mayson said jokes!
9. Family Guy Clips. GUILLTTTTYYYY!!!!!
10. Songs I write with Wendy. We pretty much rock writing about CB.
11. Cariel and Taylor. I love my freshman studgov friends.
12. My dad running over my ipod with a lawn mower. Sad, but hilarious.
13. Henry Lee's Diary. Nuff said.
14. Tanner and CJ. Two funny guys.
15. Both of my fathers. How on earth are they both so funny?
16. Uncle John. A panda at the zoo just had a baby.
17. Puffy, Mad, Jensen and Walker. Just to finish off my family.
18. Newborn Babies. Seriously, they are my favorite thing ever.
19. Spoofs. Scary Movie 3, Superhero movie, so funny.
20. SNL and You Tube Clips. Who comes up with these things.
21. The word literally. Thats the funniest thing I have ever heard, literally.
22. Aunt Karen and Ellen bo Bellen. Please come visit me soon. :D
23. Getting ready. It really makes a difference.
24. Uncle John's obsession with Christmas and his birthday party. Who needs that much crap?
25. Going to the mall with Justin, Lydia, and Christian. That seriously was the best thing ever.

That's my list! For now I'm gonna go. I will post more often now :D
this has been a diary of a troubled teen.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer News

If I blog I will just cry.

People are dumb.

That's my summer.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Catching Up...

So it's summer and really I haven't done anything, work, read, sleep, hang out with Shazzo (Lauren) and occasionally others but for the most part, I've just been here, at my house, doing nothing, like nothing, all day long. Yup it's been really boring. Tanner leaves in one week, CJ is gone, its kinda sad. It has been rainy a lot. So, the whole "fun in the sun summer" i have been excited for is kinda on pause. but I love rain! just not cold... but ya. So i realized, I have no friends, pretty much only Lauren, and occasionally others. But no one ever calls, so I just stay at home. Thats my new life style. I haven't gotten ready in days-- days. Like do you know me?! I live for my curling iron and flat iron and haven't used them in SO long. Besides church I have absolutely nothing to get ready for. No boys, i never go out anymore. I feel like I have grounded myself and left myself to do nothing but listen music, watch movies and read. I am currently reading Wicked. I am fascinated by the fact that he can actually WRITE!! i am not used to reading actual books, I just read the twilight sega, over and over again. So it is a change from a cute, corny love stories about sexy hot vampires, their hot werewolf best friends, and the lucky girl in between, to the story of a little girl, unloved by her parents because of her green skin (That's all i have gotten to, but I know the story) but its is quite the change. Besides the fact that I am a social outcast to the world, I love summer! It is amazing. Well time to do something else, cause I have been on the computer for a while. This has been a diary of a troubled teen.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Glory of Summer...

I wish I could explain how much I love summer. It is quite hard. There is just so many great things. Here is a list of my favorite things about summer.

no school
warm weather
no homework
bug repellent
scary movies
sidewalk chalk
summer jobs
the beach
sun screen
burning ants... haha
laying on the grass
reading (funny, I love to read during summer, I HATE it during school)
new movies
bike rides
looking at the stars
thunderstorms (oh my I love thunderstorms)
driving with the top down
long days
endless nights
everyday is like a weekend
computer time
ice cream
4th of July
Clark visiting

Wow I think this list could go on and on... I love summer. There are a few things this summer that are going to be life changing, or really BIG...

June 10- CJ leaves on his mission
June 24- Tanner leaves on his mission
July 13- Dad birthday
August- Wicked and San Diego with Lauren!!! (YES!) :D
All Summer-Working at Cowabunga Bay!

Not to mention all the friendships I hope to keep this summer. How I love all my friends.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

The cute things out of Walker's mouth...

So the other day me and Walker, my six year old brother, were having a heart to heart talk about adoption. I was telling him that he was adopted or whatever and we were just talking about how he is in our family now. Then I asked him the question, "Are you happy to be in our family?" He responded ever so cutely, "Yes, because Tanner has a fun xbox I like to play!" I love how he just first thinks about the x box. Man he is adorable. Today in computers, aka right now, Mrs. Jardine let me hold her cute little baby! Ah he was so cute, and chubby might I add. 15 pounds for a 2 month old! Well anyway I have just been sitting here cause I am so ahead. Anyway class is over soon so I better go.. but I am way pumped for Emily Clark to come this weekend and to see Terminator with Henry and Stuart. That will be fun! YAY! Summer is in one week! Oh man I can't wait! I am watching Twilight tonight with my Grandma, I love Twilight so I am so pumped up! YAY!!! Anyway nice talking. This has been a diary of a troubled teen. P.S. Yesterday, my life really was troubled, I went to the eye doctor for like 2 and a half hours, yuck.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Some of my favorite pictures ever....

After Tanner opened his mission call, he looked so happy, I will cherish that moment forever
This is one of the zillions I have of me and Wendy. This is the night we had "math homework" when really we just went in my room and took a bunch of silly videos of ourselves. This is our, "the really hot senior who shall not be named on here, just walked by..." HAHA! such a great one.
Girl's night at the school, good times with Chrystalyn up ALL night with school the next that was fun.
So the story behind this picture is Lydia was holding the stick up on Christians face but then I accidently cut Lydia out of the picture and its just me and Christian and this floating stick, I love it!

Haha, Lydia's outfit, that was great, this picture even greater
So Henry, is my favorite, This picture just makes me laugh
One day we all went sledding, this picture turned out the cutest of them all, it pretty much sums the whole day up.

One time Lydia slept over at my house, this is the toothpaste she brought
This picture is cute of puffs oh and i hate how dark her eye lashes are, mad's are longer and darker somehow, LUCKYS!

Well, Walker is the cutest kid to walk this planet

Well I love this one, cause I look so sad, It makes me laugh
One word:Priceless
hahaha... We are so cool
This is our chain, of how much we are girls, Valentines day 2009, we all do each other's hair and make up

This is in the bathroom at Burger Supreme, why I love it, well because we are such girls, and we were the ones who planned this big laser tag thing, and we were late, oh good night...
Look at us, we are all so little, I am so happy that 2 years later, we are still all best friends.
This is just so typical, I am happy I got this on camera, It is hilarious

Friday, May 15, 2009

So basically Lydia is my best friend....
So these are a few of my pictures, the one on the right makes me laugh cause it is the one that Miss Jonas took of us because of our fascination of the new crayons, the other one, I just like.  Lydia makes me laugh, she hates taking pictures in color, even though these ones are in color, most of the pictures we have together are in Black and White or something. I think it is funny! Anyway... I will put more on later when I feel like not being so dang lazy. THBADOATT (this has been a diary of a troubled teen for those of you who don't speak my language....)

State Testing is the WORST!

MAN! I HATE STATE TESTING! it is so boring, now that i am finished I thought I should just write on here. :D So it was so fun, on Wednesday we went to Cowabunga Bay! I love that place already. Too bad we waited like 15 minutes to get the big bucket to work, then found a guy to help us, then drove around to see it, drove back and I managed to miss it. Oh well it was hilarious that i missed it but I saw it on my cousin Cassie's phone. So yesterday was Tanner's birthday, he is 19! wow what is weird to think is that when he comes back the next birthday we will have with him is his 22, cause he will be 21 when he comes back after then it will be almost a year and then 22! That is SO WEIRD! Haha i can't believe that when he gets back I will be going into my Senior year in HS. that is insane! I am going to miss him and CJ a whole lot! Anyway, today we are going to Cowabunga so we can pick up this packet thing or whatever, I want to take them a sweatshirt cause they said they would make me one! Anyway I am so freaking bored to death. NAGASHNAGA! I have a lot of pictures I need to put on but I don't have any from this computer I will put them on later. Anyway, I think I will go now, this has been a diary of a troubled teen. (oh and ps, I was having fun with the bold and stuff)

Monday, May 4, 2009


I usually get really bored in Computers, this is a drawing I did one time
These are the mountains I drew a while back, like the first day we got this lame Student Teacher who is monotone who we call Mrs. Pole cause Lydia thought that was her name when it is really Mrs. North, haha the North Pole, oh goodie Lydia is hilarious!

Now that I got that out of my system, hmm... I hate school! There is seriously like 16 or something days left til it is over! AH! I am actually at school right now! I finished early in computers so now I am sitting here. I am supposed to be doing typing but that would be boring. So ya. Anyway I am going to New York this Summer! YAY! My aunt Paityn lives there and that is what I am going to do! Yipee! So like the first weeks of summer everyone will be gone forever! Emily is going to Africa, Lydia is going to Hawaii, Lauren a cruise, Wendy China, what the heck! Why don't I go anywhere cool, well I guess I am going to New York! But that is the end of summer but still that will be way way cool! :D Oh my summer is just going to be amazing! Too bad McKann has band all her dang life. And everyone is leaving me! But it will still be, speaking of websites however, haha the funniest website is! it has the funniest stories ever! You should check it out sometime. Today in Seminary we had this substitute guy and he talked like Alex Olsen. It was so funny! I loved it! Well I can't believe how soon Tanner leaves! He leaves on June 24, and his farewell is June 21! AHHH!!!! But on the bright side, Katie and Ellen and all the other Huish clan are coming to it so I am way pumped! Lauren is going to girls camp! that will be pumping too! And I am also excited for Youth Conference! OH summer will just be so great!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Could he be any cuter? Man- I love Walker!
Me and Lauren in ASL, We know Thomas Gallaudet, why are we so random?

Me, Johnny and Wendy
The bird house... I am not sure why we were so sad!
Me and Paige <3>Red Mango!
Paige, Wendy and Me!
wow, sometimes i feel like life is just so great! i am way pumped for elections this week! they will be so much fun... wow! Well, i just couldn't be more happy, certain decisions i made really made me happy, they weren't normal of me, but worth it. It really made me happy! Well, today  I was looking in Wendy's book thing from 7th grade and it said i was her friend, under her friend thing. It was amazing! I was like YES! I am in Wendy's book. We took lots of fun pictures recently! I am going to put them up! oh yay! Paige is so great! On Saturday, we hung out and had so much stinkin fun! I love Paige! Actually I love a lot of people! So thats always good. Man right now I feel like my life is like the song, "the scientist" by Coldplay it perfectly describes my life. And the song Stolen by Dashboard Confessional. Oh those are such amazing songs! This has been a diary of a troubled teen.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A few pictures of Family....

Me and Puffy
Me and Maddox
Me Lauren and Maddox
Maddox Walker and Warner

*Oh and something I think I should tell EVERYONE is Tanner got his mission call to BALTIMORE MARYLAND!!! YAY TANNER! I will put the pictures up here later!*

blah blah blah just die already....

April 23, 2009
SO i have decided to run for SOPHMORE CLASS VICE PRESIDENT! i am running against this kid i don't even know.. and i know like everybody... wait Just kidding! haha. well yesterday McKann and I sold these golf tickets for the service hours so I could run. We did it all day! McKann is my favorite! She is so great! Today in ASL we did this thing where we were a deaf student in a hearing school... it was so much fun. Right now my head may explode. My 6 year old brother is throwing a fit because he can't play x-box even though he has a tv in his own stinking room and his own wii and its a nice day outside, he is just screaming and screaming! POOP! can he just stop? he is like already just as bad as my friends with this whole addiction to playing video games, and they are 15! wow!!! but when he is not crying over video games, he is the cutest thing in the whole entire world! I will post a picture of the little one. this has been a pretty good day. In english we had this sweet sub who didn't make us work and stuff. Then we were just sitting on this counter and the whole bookshelf fell apart. Oh my it was SO GREAT!! we were laughing so dang hard. Another time was in ASL when Miss Newell was saying the funniest things to me. Oh great times. Well I was watching 90210 cause it was on, and Diablo Cody, the writer of Juno was just on it. What the heck? like Juno is the greatest thing of life. I could quote pretty much the whole thing. That reminds me of this one time on secret life when Shawn Johnson was just there. It was so weird. Well i of course had a reason to write this whole blah blah blah just die already. Um. well first of all it is from an episode of Dax Flame, on youtube. The funniest thing in all life! k that is not true but it is really really funny. And also cause there is this kd who should just get hit by a bus, like Regina George. I don't him to die cause that would be terribly sad, but I just need him gone for a while. To get him off my mind. Yup, McKann you know who... Sorry by the way. Anywho, ya. That is about it. I have tests and crap tomorrow.. gay stuff, so I am going to study now! This has been a diary of a troubled teen.

Monday, April 20, 2009

1.jpg" border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5326976429315417826" />
These are my best friends for life. Lydia is in the blue. Emily Clark aka Clark, is in the pink scarf, Wendy is in between me and Clark, across from me is Lauren, next to her is Emily Curtis and next to Emily Curtis, across from Lydia is Macall. We are all best friend, all seven of us! I couldn't ask for any better friends! They are such great people!

and the day begins...

April 20,2009

Today was just one of those kind of days, I woke up late. And had to go to school! Spring Break is the best, and then you come back. So after missing Seminary, i went to Geography. That was okay....we took way too many notes. But Cullen wore his tie-die shirt and that made my day! yay! then i went to computers, not possible to make that class fun, today lydia me and emily tried to crack jokes but Miss North is just so bland and has no personality, gag. Then we had lunch, wait i watched people eat lunch, I didn't eat. Lunch was pretty fun today. Henry Lee got this Hena tattoo and it is really funny cause it rubbed off to his neck. HAHA!!! it was great. Well it was there saturday when we hung out, but it was just great. Then we had math and it was just math. I went to track after school. The problem with track is I am not in the fast group but not in the slow group either so its hard to be in between. We ran a distance run today, it was about 5 miles! wow that was fun, especially going through the sprinklers. ya then after track i was with McKann for a while. We went online job hunting. That was fun, I love to talk to McKann... she is so great! I am totally burned from my run, hey Christian, I am not the whitest person in the world any more. My Spring break was great. I miss it already. I loved taking everyone to the Hannah Montana Movie. McKann, Paige, me, Henry, Josh, Cullen, Stuart and Christian. Greatest thing ever. I mean, Stuart McGraw, totally into boy movies like Terminator and Saving Private Ryan, went to the Hannah Montana movie. Oh my, and Christian. That was hilarious too. The whole thing was just great. I LOVED SPRING BREAK, besides the babysitting everyday, but hey! it was worth it. Someday i will totally rule the world, and never have to babysit again, that would be the day. But i love little babies too much. Like my Aunt Shea's baby, Ginger aka Gi-Gi. Oh what a cutie. The best was when Charlene Hill let me hold her baby the whole entire Sacrement Meeting. 13 days old! that was the best! i loved it. And just to close it off, for Lizi's sake. Because she chose my blog name. This has been the Diary of a troubled teen!