Friday, December 31, 2010

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

2010... One year ago my friends and I made resolutions. Something more like dreams and hopes, but somehow we all got out resolutions. I'm sure you don't wanna look back on the last year of my life (well, I don't know, I enjoyed reading others a lot) But I want to. So yeah, here's 2010 in my eyes

The Bests
Birthday Parties. I went to some really fun parties this year.
Washington DC.
Girl's Camp
Youth Conference
12th Night
Valentines Dance
The day after the Valentines Dance
Running, XC all the way
Cedar City
Footlocker, California Baby
My Half Marathon
Aspen Grove
Seminary with Brother Olivas, best class ever
Summer Seminary
Hymns in the summer
Sunday School
Ingrid Michaelson concert
Carrie Underwood with Zoe

Moments and Memories
Getting my bag stuck in a locker, funny story
Dania and I laughing our heads off at Youth Conference
Hannah freaking out at me because I didn't tell her a story
Talking to my brother, twice
Dancing in the Rain with Sarah Louie Thayne
Watching Remember Me at 4AM and bawling
Midnight Monopoly, self explanatory
The Drama Hallway moment
Watching Friends with Zoe
Late night talks with Zoe in her car
When Aaron lost his pen under my tramp
Me and Braden ignoring Mady at Macy's.
Sitting in a car for like a half hour with Ben Crowley talking about life (The real, first Ben Crowley)
Sitting on a bus with Alan and Cariel listening to music for 3 hours
The Stake Dance, brownies, water and good times
The "Moaks" Song
Rocking out to music, Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift with Lauren and Cariel
When Gabe Davis broke a trolley window in DC
The crazy teacher "Nothing in America is higher than freedom"
Crossing the finish line at Region
Looking at my time during Murray, almost crying, shocked
Seeing Corb and the rest of Mady's family at mile 12
The finish line at my halfie
Throwing KC's pens, Financial Lit in general
Sitting in a hallway with my XC friends whistling at people blaming it on others
A 10 hour drive with Bronwen, Dania, Andrew, and Catie.
The awkward moment lights. The easy cheese. The inside jokes.
Getting everyone on the bus to watch "A Cinderella Story"
Brother Olivas and his awkward, hilarious, moments.
Testimony Meeting at Girls Camp
Singing in the locker room, basically about my love of Bronwen
Babysitting Hollin with Christian
Summer nights with "The Crew"
Dania's Car, many memories there. Talking, singing, front seat only, hahaha

How could I do it without you?
Lydia Nielsen
Lauren Faber
Emily Curtis
Mady Whitehead
Sarah Thayne
McKann Hanseen
Taylor Sorenson
Cariel Smith
Joe Roberts
Dania Frandsen
Bronwen Biddulph
Jake Knell
Aaron Wheatley
Kat Moulten
Gabe Davis
Romy Franks
Jensen Astle
Catie Brown
Carrie Jube
KC Miller
Christian Paiva
Caleb Karpowitz
Shannon Earnshaw
and many many many many more.

It wasn't the best year. It wasn't the worst. I am ready for it to be over.

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011. Please be a little nicer to me.

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