Sunday, December 5, 2010

a tribute to a few men

I spent the weekend with a few men. First let me tell you what consists of a man. Davey Rockwood puts it as "men are both steel and velvet" (Davey is one of the men I spent the weekend with, what a great guy, him and April are so cute) What does this mean? Well it means that they can be tough and tender. You can't have a guy with only one side. It just doesn't work. (I PROMISE)

So I want to make a tribute to the men I spent the weekend with.

First, there is Ian.

Ian is the best kid I have ever met. He is such a gentleman. He treated all the girls like royalty all trip. The longer I was with him, the more I loved him. He was always sharing his extra food, lending his jacket to a cold girl, opening doors, all the things a man can do. Goodness, I love Ian. He is such a good kid.

Then there is Andrew.

Can I just say I love him? Andrew sat there on the bus, listening to Catie, Dania, Bronwen, and me talk about boys, the gospel and whatever for the bus ride all the way to California. I loved it when he would join in and say something. I love that he knows where he is going with his life. Andrew is amazing. Andrew, you are NOT a bretch. What the bones? How is your hair so great and you never use conditioner?

Also, Tanner.

Tanner, Tanner, Tanner. Dear Tanner, when you flip those quarters, you flip my heart too. That is part of a song we wrote him. (It's a great song by the way, to bad we never sang it to him) Tanner is such a funny boy. He may stink at Tetris but he smells good so that makes up for it. Tanner wears sweaters to dinner, and to me, he is magic. (In many ways, if you want to know why, check out Dania's video on facebook, his quarter trick, or the way he runs) T-A-N-N-E-R. You are my shining star, I love to travel far, with you. (chorus to our song)


Alex doesn't talk much. A boy who can have a little bromance, speak french, and be so adorable is a man. He doesn't get in much trouble and he sticks along with Ian. Plus he is a foreign exchange student.

I guess we have Joe.

Joe- Joe. One day he will be a man. But for now he will stay the cute little freshman he is. I love this kid. He is crazy. Sometimes we will be sitting there and he will burst out in random songs. He says the funniest things ever. I feel bad, I threw him in a bush as a joke. Then the bush was prickly. (Tanner didn't help either, we were teaching the kid a lesson, we'll pretend like we did it for Danny) Joe is insane. He steals huge banners from footlocker. He just goes around giving everyone hugs. I just love the little guy.

Plus, all these guys get man points for watching all of A Cinderella Story with me. I had the whole bus quiet during that movie, that is impressive.

Finally, we have Frenchie.

Frenchie was the best bus driver you could ask for. He was just so easy to get along with, he made us laugh, he made some of us cry. (Almost me even) Frenchie was so funny. But as we were about to trade bus drives he gave a little speech. It started with him singing "God Be With You Til We Meet Again" in French. Then he went on to talk about how parents don't get to go to school to be parents. He told us to thank our parents for all they did. He went on to talk about when we go to school to look for the good in others and forget the bad. He basically bore his whole testimony to us. It was so inspirational. I love him. He is the perfect example of a man. I love you Frenchie.

I love these men. I do.

One day, I will have a man of my own. I dream of him being wonderful and great.

To sum it all up...


  1. bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I love the picture at the end. It just reminded me of how much I do too, yet my blog is about how they suck. Oh the irony of it all.

  2. Looks like fun!!! I'm so happy for you Maysie :) LOVE YOU!

  3. Yeah it was fun. I will do a post about it later. :)

    Catie, there is a reason we are friends.