Monday, December 6, 2010

This is looking like a contest to act like they care less...

You are definitely winning.

Dumb Boy- 1

Mayson- 0

Let's keep track of points. I like this game.

PS. Enchanted, Taylor Swift. New boy, that is dedicated to you.

10 victory points for Mayson for thinking of other boys

Dumb Boy- 1
Mayson- 10

50 for you having a new girl

Dumb Boy- 51
Mayson- 10

Yep. Still winning.

Cuddling Points.

I definitely deserve some of those.

Dumb Boy- 51

Still winning.

I will catch up. I will.

..... You wouldn't even care about cuddling points anyway. It's ok, I probably have more man points then you do. You can't just be all velvet. Yeah you "manned it up" when you started being a jerk. I wasn't talking worldly man here, I was talking true man-- true man.


  1. you wanna know what my AP Psychology "behavior" experiment is? Any time I think of a certain man I hit myself and any time I think of ANOTHER certain man I smile and pat myself on the back. It's actually working out quite well. Classical conditioning.

    thinking of the boy + hitting myself= pain
    therefore....thinking of the boy= pain
    therefore... I stop thinking of the boy.


  2. Mayson! once again I love you!! I read this and couldn't help but laugh and smile! I love this keeping points game! I might just steal it from you! I hope thats okay! but this is exactly what I need and I thank you! :)
    my dumb boy-100
    me- 0
    sadly I need to adjust! because I hate losing!! but hey you're doing a lot better than me! and in my opinion: you're winning! :)
    love you mayson!!