Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm a Jerk

Today, I realized it. Why didn't anyone tell me?

Well it started in English when we were talking about public humiliation, we went on and on about how it's wrong.

But then I thought, aren't blogs basically publicly humiliating people if you post stuff about them on it?
I am overly guilty of this crime. I'm a jerk.
I just always justify with "No one reads my blog" or "Well, it's the truth" or "I want to express myself"

But the fact is, I have done just what we were talking about in class.

What if he had a post about all the things I did? What would we say?

He'd probably call me heartless- - because I was to him.
He'd probably say I flirt with everyone.
He'd say I argue about everything.
He'd say that I am the queen of saying hurtful things. (which, sadly I have said the worst things to him, things I should never had said)
He'd probably talk about how crazy I am.

I wonder if he would say anything nice. Probably not.

I could say nice things about him. I am sure I do sometimes.

My nice list....
He is easy to talk to.
He is decent looking.
He can answer my questions about the church.

Sadly, thats about all I can think of.

Like I said, I am a jerk.

Then as I thought about it, someone told me about his lead in the school play. Of course I couldn't just be nice and happy for him-- I was mad. I am required to go to the dumb thing for drama. I hate how everything in the school year is scheduled the same year after year. I don't need to relive everything.

So yeah, I am a jerk.

I am sorry for being a jerk. I will work harder to be nicer. I know that I can be nicer if I tried harder.


  1. Sometimes being a jerk makes you feel better though. That's what counts, right?

  2. i think everybody could be nicer mayson. don't get to down on yourself, just realize it needs to be fixed and do it. i was thinking the exact same during class, so i will right along with you.