Monday, December 27, 2010

I think I wanna marry you...

Ok really, sometimes I wish I could get married. Like  a lot. 

It's not like there is anyone in particular I want to marry. I just love the idea of getting married. Ok I know- I am only 17. I don't want to get married soon. But let's look at life here for a sec. I am a junior in high school. (the year is half way over) Then I have senior year. Then college. And from there, you never know. All of my friends say I will be the first to get married because of a couple of things. 1. They think I will seek it out (ok I might..) and 2. I will probably go to BYU, find some guy, and call it good. 

Can I just say, I don't really care if that happens? I kinda like that idea. Sure its cliche. Sure I wanna be young and married. I just really love the idea of getting married. Not too young though, 20 min. 

 Marriage is great. It really is. You know what song makes me wanna be married? "Can't Help Falling In Love" (Ingrid Michaelson version) 

Sure, say it brings on problems and difficulties. But life always will. Why live it single when you can have someone there with you? 

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