Monday, December 20, 2010

let the love begin, everybody wants to love

I love Ingrid. That was easily the best concert I went to. :)

I love music in general. It easily potrays how someone feels.

I love happy music. Songs that you can't help but smile while listening. Songs that make you day dream and take you away from reality. Such as Five Years Time by Noah and the Whale, or Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson.

I love sad songs. Songs that remind you of the past. Songs that the message aren't necessarily sad with lyric, but with memories. (sometimes they are they lyrics, but sometimes not) Such as (in my case) I Dreamed a Dream from Les Mis, or All I Ask of You from Phantom of the Opera or Such Great Heights by Iron and Whine. (The Postal Service is sad to me too)

I love cute love songs. Songs about how the boy loves the girl, and the girl loves the boy and everything is handy dandy. Such as Long Live by Taylor Swift, The Way You Look Tonight by Tony Bennett or Can't Help Falling in Love, by many, but I especially LOVE the Ingrid Michaelson version.

I love the sad love songs. Songs where it didn't work out and someone is hurt. Such as Last Kiss by Taylor Swift, or The Story of Us by Taylor Swift, or Breakeven by The Script or Back to December by Taylor Swift.

I love songs that remind me of places. Songs that bring back good memories and fun times. Such as Hey Soul Sister by Train or She Doesn't Get It by the Format or Whip My Hair by Will Smith's Daughter.

I love songs that remind me of people. Songs that I remember singing with friends, family or random people. Such as The Rearranger by Mate of States or I'd Lie by Taylor Swift, or American Pie by Don McLean.

I love songs that are hopeful. Songs that make you feel like there may be a chance. Such as Enchanted and Speak Now by Taylor Swift.

I love songs that stab people in the back. Songs that are hurtful. I know its completely rude, but they are so clever. Such as Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri or Mean by Taylor Swift.

I love music with amazing lyrics. Songs that speak the truth or are beautiful. Such as Bigger Than Love by My Favorite Highway or For Good from Wicked or Woman in Chains

Oh my I love music.

My favorite songs... (I can't pick)

There are always songs of the moment.
-Five Years Time by Noah and the Whale
-Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri
-Speak Now by Taylor Swift
-Enchanted by Taylor Swift
-Long Live by Taylor Swift


Then there are those songs you never get sick of, songs that are favorites for a while
-Bigger Than Love by My Favorite Highway
-Woman In Chains by Tears for Fears
-Collide by Howie Day
-For Good from Wicked
-Famous Last Words by Tears for Fears

I love music.


  1. I love music too. I'm glad we're friends. :)

  2. Yeah I knew it was something like that. But we don't like that version.