Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snow is falling everywhere

I love the snow! Usually I hate it, but it was so fun yesterday. (which reminded me I do like it)

After school, Sarah, Lydia, Mady and I went sledding at the park. We picked a spot no one had been yet, which meant work for us. Fun, exhausting work. The snow was so deep and fun.

Then I went to Lydia's and watched "The Grinch", well kinda. We basically just fell asleep and didn't watch it. CF came in, and we were all dead asleep on the couch. :) Sorry Chrystalyn.

I went home for a little.

Then I went to Ali Harrison's party. That was splendid. It was weird to be with people again, I feel like I have socially stopped existing. I was with Joe for some of it. Then I decided to join Henry and Wendy by jumping in the snow with no shoes on. Fun stuff. We are crazy.

Then I went to Old Navy with Chrystalyn. I found the cutest coat. Yay!! I loved it. $30. It was originally $100! AHH!! I LOVE IT.

The only thing I don't like about snow right now, is driving. It scares me!

I am excited for more fun adventures this winter break!

Today I have a family party at the most fun cabin ever!! :) (reminds me of Thanksgiving break last year!!)

Then tomorrow I have this thing that Me, Macall, Emily, Lauren and Lydia have done every year since who knows, 8th grade, where we exchange gifts and get together. We haven't in so long so I am excited to get my best friends back. :)

Christmas Eve, Christmas. Fun stuff. Sundance lunch. YUM!!

Next week, who knows? Party for sure!!!



  1. Snow is the bones. (In the best sense of the word.) And the one problem you mentioned can be fixed. It sounds crazy but it can. We just need the snowplows to stop plowing, and then we can just cross-country ski everywhere. That can be made possible, right after the flying car is made easily obtainable by the general public. So it will actually be a little while... I would say the one problem with snow is that it's cold, but then again, that's half of the fun when you are doing face-first snow angels.

  2. face- first snow angels are the best. So now that we have the perfect future planned, we must but it into action. Ah man, I gotta get bones and bretch in my daily language. Just too great of words to not be used.