Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Heart Mormon Messages

I could watch Mormon Messages on Youtube for hours. I just love them so much. There is an amazing feeling I get when I watch them. Today in seminary, I watched this one. (I thought I would share the season's love and joy) Then I decided to come home and watch more. I highly recommend spending your time there and not on facebook. You get so much more out of this.

So there are a ton that are called... "I'm a Mormon"

Those are among my favorites.

We are all humans just trying to live our lives. All different, yet common in purpose, we are mormons.

I probably won't make my own but I thought I would at least write what I do. (even though I am not that exciting... I will try to be creative here)

I'm Mayson Astle. I run. I am on debate. I go to school. I am a 4.0 student. My parents are divorced. I have three adopted siblings. I love converse. (the shoes.) I am on the yearbook staff. I am the VP of Glee. I am the President of Operation Smile. I talk on the phone. I text. I listen to my ipod. I love boys.

And I'm a Mormon.

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