Saturday, December 11, 2010

I lose myself in a daydream...

Today I caught myself daydreaming. It was magical. It was about the date of my dreams. (Actually quite literally haha) It went something like this...

The boy (who I might add, the boy of my dreams, may be perfect, so cute, good, yeah...) picks me up. He meets my ever so awkward dad, promises to get me home at a reasonable hour and escorts me to the car- not to be a gentleman really at first, but more like to make me laugh and make sure I don't slip, so the funny guy turns into a gentleman just like that.

As we go, I say hello to those in the back (whoever they may be) and we turn on the music. It's Taylor Swift of course, both of our favorites. We drive to Salt Lake. Singing along to the tunes that make me think of him, laughing, talking, enjoying the 45 minutes to our destination.

We arrive. The lights are gorgeous. We take the time to notice the beautiful trees. Then we admire the temple. We stand there forever. Adoring every moment. Time stands still. Then, the cute and wonderful boy stops and asks stranger for a photo. Although we are both bundled because of the cold winter night, the picture actually turns out perfect. (...and in my fantasy, he goes home and makes it his profile picture, teases me to copy him, and so I do). We get some hot chocolate and continue on with the date. He isn't afraid to hold my hand. He just does. (And if I could figure out some point of the night that we could cuddle, we would. But I can't think of something... if you have any ideas, help me out) We walk around Salt Lake, just chatting, almost forgetting the others are there. We still have a good time with the other couple but keep getting left behind. We flirt, we just truly enjoy the night on the town.

As we drive home, we finish the Taylor Swift CD, and just talk about stuff. I don't know, everything. The four of us laugh, and enjoy the long ride home. He drops off the others first. He does this purposely, he wants to be alone. But he is not the kind of boy who wants to be alone because he is a boy, he wants to be alone because he is a man. The difference, he just wants to talk, not make out.

So we pull up at my house. He escourts me to the door. (again). He looks me in the eyes to show that what he is about to say, truly means something to him. He calls me by name and says, "Mayson, I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you." I laugh. Taylor Swift of course. I reply, "Hey [boy] I was enchanted to meet you" He laughs this time. Then he goes, "But really, this is one of the best dates I have ever had. Thanks for coming with me" I thank him for taking me. He then gives me a good, long (but not too long) hug,. As we are about to leave, I look up at him. I give him the mayson look, then he leans in and kisses me. But not like a kiss because he likes me, just a peck to end the night perfect. It's a small, soft kiss, the type that I never mention to people (except like my 5 best friends), or to each other ever again. I know that it is just a kiss because he enjoyed the night, not because he wants to commit, or marry me, and I love that. Not because I am a slut, it's not a meaningless kiss, it is just a "Thank You Kiss" He gives me one last hug, and we say goodbye.

The after math, I walk in the house doing the silent scream of happiness and joy. Of course I call someone, who?, depends on the day. Spazz out and dance around to a Taylor Swift song we sang together that night.

I want to die because it was the best night ever.

And I am in love, happy as can be.


  1. Yeah, horse drawn carriages is a good idea... or even getting hot chocolate at a cafe.

  2. Basically summing up every girls' daydreams. :)

  3. Horse drawn carriage gets my cuddling! YES. And yes, yes it does.