Wednesday, January 19, 2011


      Wisdom is being true to our inner self  - thus  bringing harmony and peace
into our lives.  It's discovering a new idea or solution that meets everyone's needs.
Wisdom is also  honoring people and caring about their rights. It is reflected in
the courtesy with which we treat others. 

Friends travel places. We traveled to Mars. Beat that.
I just keep having great days, surrounded by great amazing people. I have some of the best friends ever. Something has changed, I think it was my attitude. People notice that. I had a moment of weakness, and now I feel stronger, loved, and blessed beyond belief. I promise, if you are going through something hard the Lord has never been there more. I promise if you endure your trial, he will bless you. Sometimes the trial won't be over completely, not everything will be perfect or okay but through our Savior, Jesus Christ, the days will get better. I know this for a fact. Through Christ, everything will be made fair. Through Christ, we are made whole. How blessed are we? "Patience is not simply enduring; it is enduring well!"- President Uchtdorf One more thing, if you do not have an account, I HIGHLY recommend getting one. I use mine daily. All it really takes is a membership number, get it ASAP. It has been the best thing lately. 

Friends are people who love you no matter what. They drive you home when you feel like dying. They pick you up at Wills Pit Stop. They play "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" with you, watching TV after school. They give you the best back rubs. They make fun of your Call of Duty skills. Friends are those who support you and laugh with you. They are there to have a good talk about getting married, books, recipes, and everything. Friends are those who take you to their Jr. Jazz game with a total of like 4 fans. You are a friend in return by cheering as loud as you can in an empty gym. A friend calls you the moment something good happens to them, such as they get asked to the dance. Like I said, I love my friends.

PS. I have a goal to give quotes/scriptures/thoughts about the word of the week. I promise not every time I share something that it will have anything to do with the post. It reminds me of the word, and I like to share for those of you who have decided to take on the challenge.

Another thing, I love my grandma. She did the dishes for me today :) 

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  1. Love the picture! You're so inspirational, Mayson! :)