Sunday, January 16, 2011

this is saturday night live

Saturdays.. They are good for lots of things. Productive things. Nothing. Sleeping. My Saturday went something like this... Mayson was sick all day. Felt like crap. Mayson was in bed until 2:30. KC brought Mayson a magical vanilla shake. Mayson felt better after the shake. So then Mayson decided to hang out with KC, Trent and Christian.
This is sorta the rest of the story. . .

Don't mess with me, I have a wrench.

We had some guns

Trent had a suit

Perry Wildebore Style

KC. He might kill you.

Christian had the camera. That's his foot.
There were videos too. I can't get them to upload. :( They were the best part. Easily. Pretty much we just watched "The Proposal", played with guns, made a movie, and talked.

I love these guys. They are the best.

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