Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Knees Have Bruises

Last night was the best. Oh goodness, I love my friends. The adventure started in Dania's car.  We went and got Jacob and drove up to Bronwen's. The ride us was filled with the yummy treats Jacob gave us, talking about my cold, cold, ice cold, heart, listening to the radio and excited to be at Bronwen's. When we got there we got out snow clothes on and were ready to go.

Moment: (Brooke couldn't find any of Bronwen's long sleeve shirts. So she came down with a handful of her own)  Dania:You're a twig! I couldn't fit into that! (ok something like that) Mayson:Did you just call her a pig? You're a pig! I couldn't fit into that!

So we went sledding. That was fun. Bronwen's house is the best place to go sledding. There is this humongous hill, and people would take turn's driving around to the bottom to fetch us. Then one time, (actually two) I jumped over the snow pile and landed in the road. Ouch. My face killed so so bad. But as I laid in the road, I was laughing. Dania came up and was laughing. But then she didn't know if I was laughing or crying. Neither did I. I decided it was laughing. My knees were bruised and I was in a lot of pain.  (and I still am)

Moaks and I decided to take a break. It was freezing. My toes were cold, my face was in pain. We sat in the Biddulph's house with Brooke, Madison, and Alex. They are all so cute. Oh and Bronwen is too. Except, strangely they all look completely different. But luckily they are all cute so it doesn't really matter that they look different. 

After some delicious toffee stuff, I decided I was ready to go back and sled. I snow thrashed it, went too slow for Jacob, and raced to the front seat to sit by Seth. Ok not really, I wanted the front but I didn't know Seth was driving. Dania, Bronwen and Catie teased me. 

Moment: Mayson (speaking of her sled): I like this guy! Catie: Oh who? Mayson: The sled. Catie: Oh, I thought you were talking about a boy. Mayson: That would not surprise me. 

After a time with oldie, the plastic sled, I was finished. I swear, it took me like 12 minutes to get down that mountain. I lost my hat, I was frozen. I decided to go inside. I took off my wet snow gear and sat down. I was frozen beyond measure. I obviously do not own the best snow clothes. So I sat in their house, listened to Brooke play the piano, talked to her, and really enjoyed myself. So then I was finally warm, and everyone else came in.

As we sat in the kitchen, we all were pretty much entertained by Bronwen's lovely mother. She's pretty much the coolest person ever. Honestly, I was laughing the whole time. I now understand why Bronwen tells her mom everything. I never understood at first, but now I do completely.

Moment: Sister Biddulph: Let's just say, she was cranky twice a month.  All the girls burst out laughing as the boys hung their heads down. 

Moment: Jacob: That's like 12 years of a messed up flavor system.

Moment: Mayson: Wait, how many kids do you own?

Moment: (Mayson and Bronwen burst out laughing) Seth: It's like telepathy. They didn't even say anything. 
So we piled up into our cars, and drove down to Andrew and Matt's house. We sat and talked about boys on their missions and how they would feel about getting wedding announcements. We were joking about how sometimes girls who never date in high school get married early. I asked about getting cold feet at the alter and they joked about feet being literally cold. I thought they didn't know what cold feet meant. Silly rabit, Trix are for kids, of course they knew! Then we played "Apples to Apples" which is pretty much the best game ever. We drove home.

Moment: (Jacob walking in his driveway) Dania: I hope we don't hit him, that would be awkward. Mayson: Yeah, awkward, not sad or anything, just awkward.

Then I got home, tried to go to bed, but I couldn't, and finally fell asleep.

Thanks for the amazing night guys, too bad you guys are graduating soon. :(  Lucky ducks.


  1. Mayson! I love you so much! Also, that was one of the most hilarious nights. I agree. Except for that little part with my mom... Those poor guys... Anyway, I love you!

  2. Your mom was the best part. Oh man, thanks for letting me come over. I loved every moment.