Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Just because WE'RE not girls"- Kirsti Faux

Why do something if you are always complaining about it?

Ok so there is this particular group of girls at our school that do this ALL the time. (I honestly love these girls a lot, I just don't understand this at all) They complain about going to practice, and having to wear certain things that their activity requires, complain about being sore (seriously? you ran one mile, one? ok, nobody is going to die here) but then they think they are in shape and stuff. I'm sorry but what you do, is NOT a sport. I call it an activity. I personally do not understand the point of this activity. It's useless. (I'm trying not to give it away because I don't want to be bashing these girls, I sincerely like them a lot, I just HATE their activity of choice) The thing about this activity is that I have done it before. So I feel like I have more of a say of how lame it is because I have done it, and it's just silly. Eh... I am sorry if I have offended you in any way. That was NOT my purpose. I just don't understand why you do it when all you do is complain about it every minute you can, on facebook, in the halls, where ever. Quit. (ok I know it costs a lot of money to do this type of thing so maybe quitting isn't the option)  But the thing is DON'T COMPLAIN EVERY DAY ABOUT IT. Plus this isn't one girl complaining, it's all of them. Yes, sometimes I complain about a workout I have to do for running. But not everyday.  I just wonder if you guys complain to get attention or something.

I just find this odd.

One time, someone was upset about something they had to do for this activity, one of those given things you are required to do. Isn't that kinda like me complaining about when my coach tells me to run ONE mile. That's at least expected of me at practice.

Come one girls, cheer up. Your life is not that bad.

PS. Please don't hate me if I hurt your feelings (if you even know what I am talking about)  Honestly, I most likely adore you. I am sure I do. I honestly don't understand. Maybe you could explain to me someday. I think you guys do a lot of good things, I just don't really get the point. (If that makes sense)


  1. It's a tad obvious my dearie :)

  2. Mayson, you are so awesome.
    Pretty sure I agree with you on all these points.

    Whenever people complain about something they do, I'm always like, "So why don't you quit? You shouldn't complain about something you love."