Thursday, January 6, 2011

Two Posts in One Day is a Bit Much. Don't hate, appreciate.


This year will be the one. The one where I live every day to it's full potential. The one where I learn from the past, but never set foot it in. The one where I let go, forgive others, forgive myself, for give him, and him, and her. The one where I focus on what matters most in life, and who matters most. This year will be the one to laugh when it hurts, smile when I want to cry, and cry when I start to laugh. It will be the one to learn how to express how I feel with emotions, and words, while I'm feeling it, instead of bottling up my emotions. It will be the one where I push myself the hardest, furthest and fastest. The one where I make mistakes, the type of mistakes I have made before, I'm making now and am bound to make in the future. The one where I lose my voice cheering for a sports team, cry during a chick flick, and smile for hours because of a boy. It will be the one where instead of letting my trials handle me, I will handle my trials. The one to grow from hard times and never stop growing. The one where I work harder in school, study for tests, and learn all I can. This year will be the one to try new things, discover new loves, and do stuff I have never done before. It will be the one to go all the way. It will be the one to run in the 23's for 5K/3Mile, seven minute mile, and run at least one half marathon. The one where I run and train, and train, and train, and train like crazy. The one to come close to the Lord through church, scriptures, seminary, prayers, fasting, experience, friends, family and life. The one where the temple is my second home, and I get to free souls in heaven. The one where I fill my quote book so much I wanna die because I love it so much. It will be the one to grow closer to family, see my brother and remind them that I love them. It'll be the one to strengthen friendships, make new friends and be a friend to myself. The one to fall in love with life again. The one that IS better than the last. It'll be the one to change my attitude, my wardrobe, my bad habits, and myself. The one where I dance in the kitchen, scream songs in the car and act like no one is ever watching. The one where the bad moments will come, but I will be reminded so will the good. The one where I find things uplifting, virtuous, lovely, of good report and praiseworthy. The one to be an example to others and to be strong and of a good courage. This year will be the one to help a friend in need. The one to serve. The one to be selfless. The one to care more for others than myself, for in helping others I can truly find myself. The one to find the girl I lost last year. The one to love. The one to hate. The one to laugh. The one to cry. The one to forgive. The one to forget. The one to see who I can become. The one to stay true to myself. The one to be me. 2011 will be the one.

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