Friday, January 21, 2011

listen to learn.

The picture has nothing to do with the post. I'm tired today.
I discovered this talk about listening to learn and how if we just listen to what they have to say, we can learn what is best. At the end of each section it says one of these phrases:

Wise parents and teachers,  listen to learn from children.

Wise children, listen to learn from parents.

Wise partners, listen to learn from each other.

The wise listen to learn from neighbors.

Wise members, listen and learn from church leaders.

The wise listen to learn from the Lord.

Wisdom is much more then the educational side of us. " Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?"- T. S. Elliot. I have learned much about being wise this week. Wisdom is "the quality of having experience, knowledge,  and good judgment, the quality of being wise"  Wisdom is about the QUALITY of our experiences. I love that. There is much more to wisdom then we think.

We are wise when we decide not to watch that certain movie, or stop saying the things about the others.

We are wise when we learn from others mistakes, instead of making them ourselves.

We are wise when we go to school and get an education.

We are wise when we listen to our parents, family, church leaders, friends, and the Lord.

We are wise when we clean our room.

 It's a wise idea to wear your glasses if you can't see when you drive.

Knowledge is simply knowing something. Wisdom comes with a consequence, or with an award. If we miss out on knowledge, we could miss out on learning something. If we miss out on wisdom, we miss out on experiencing something. 

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