Sunday, January 23, 2011

as the day hits the night, we will sit by candle light. . .

I love my bucket list for the year. I really should just call it a list of things to do this year, but I don't want to. Here's my weekend...

Photo Booth, we love you.

Definition of us.


I love those two.
Sarah and Mayson took some pictures on Photo Booth, quite common thing we do. Then we went to Taco Bell, Days and Cariel's party. (Emily and Mady had joined by then). Then pretty much Eric, his cousin, Quinn (?) from Orem, KC, Trent, and Malcolm came over and we watched The Social Network. Ok, Mayson loves that movie very mucho. Macall, Andy, Shannon and Quincie joined too. Sarah left though. :(  So after that fun little party we went to Lauren's house, swam, and had a sleep over. That's pretty much it for Friday.

Saturday, Mayson slept again pretty much all day. I think Mayson is sick. Then Emily Curtis came over. I love Emily Curtis. We went and got some frozen yogurt, joined Sarah, Christian, Trent, KC and Reese at the bowling place. Then Mayson and Emily left and went home to watch Despicable Me. Shortly into that, Stookey and BJ came over. Yeah, they are pretty cool. Super exciting.

On a side note, Shannon made me laugh so hard at church. Quite funny that girl. LOVE HER.

33. Swim at Lauren's during the winter.
36. Go Bowling
38. Girl's Sleepover.

The word of the week is "patience", for starters check out this amazing talk.  I will definitely be quoting it throughout the week.

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  1. I love those pictures.
    I love photobooth.
    Oh, and I love you.