Saturday, January 15, 2011

memories of you, and things we used to do

I will miss days like yesterday.

After school, I went to Mady's, played a game of Life, kicked butt too, drank our Martinelli's. All that jazz. It's kinda a little tradition we have these days. Then we decided to go to her mom's house. Corbin was there. I love that boy so much. We always say we will get married. I walked in the room and he was talking on the phone to Ryan, and he was like "Ryan, I gotta go, my fiance is here!'" Man, how could he be greater. Love that little guy. We watched Mormon Messages on her momma's tv. DVD's are great. We talked with her mom, Shane, and Corb. It was great.

Then we went to the game with Lydia. I am pretty sure  I was tense the whole entire game. It was close, but the T-Birds never fail to come out on top. Good, stressful, game.

Then after quite a strange, um..., panic attack (?), or something, Lydia finally calmed down after we went to Star Bucks, went to Mady's, made cookies, played Life, and ate food. Lot's and lot's of food.

I had nothing to say all night. Absolutely nothing. Especially after the game, I was silent. I wasn't thinking about anything. Most people get like that sometimes, but I don't. They were shocked that I wouldn't talk all night. Sometimes, although it's a very rare occasion, I am quiet. Not quiet because I am upset, tired, contemplating, or anything. Sometimes I just don't have something to say.

On the way home, Trent and Caleb called. They came over for a little and we just talked. Love those guys.

Then around 1:30, I was laying in bed, watching Grey's Anatomy, KC texted me. We were texting about an hour earlier, but I figured he fell asleep. All it said was "You might just be one of the nicest people I have ever met." It was a pleasant surprise. Nice, and thoughtful.

It's people like KC, Lydia, Mady, Trent, Corbin, and Caleb that I will miss most. People who are awesome. People who are so down to earth, there to make your day, and amazing. People who make your day brighter. People like them. My friends.

I will miss you, but it's only two months. We still have half of jr year, and all of senior year. Just promise not to forget about me.

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