Monday, January 24, 2011

If Only... If Only...

I wish I would have been nicer.
I wish I would have been kinder.

Now it's too late.
You can't go back right? You can apologize about what you have done wrong. They can choose to forgive, or to hold a grudge. 

But apology is not what fixes the problem. Changing the attitude, situation, or habit is what fixes the problem.

But what if it's too late to change that? 

What if you honestly wanted to make everything better? What if you wanted to be genuine? I had the chance. I had months and months. I was too prideful. 

Then I apologized. I did what was right. But I never really had the chance to really fix the problem. I never had the chance to change.

I just hope I am not remembered as a mean, cold hearted person. I hope I am not remembered for what I was to that person for months. I hope they can see me as the one I wanted to be. I never wanted to be rude. I just never knew how to handle such a situation. I had never been in one such like it.

I hope I can be remembered for what I wish I would have been, and what I tried to fix.


  1. Something Dr. Fullmer always tells us:
    "It's never too late to be the way you wish you would have been."

  2. McKann, I was totally about to say the exact thing. :)

  3. But sometimes McKann, in certain situations, it is. and Bronwen... I love you most