Sunday, January 9, 2011

Random Thoughts.

 Photo Booth is too fun.

I keep replaying Justin Bieber's "Baby" song. As in over, and over, and over again.

I cried at church today. Dang that Sophia Osmond, she is the best girl ever.

McKann and I are going to see "The Foreigner" on Thursday. One of my fondest memories of my father is when he was in that play. Probably the happiest I have ever been with him.

Speaking of my father, I went to his old house yesterday with Christian and Sarah. It was weird to see it. I remembered dreading going there, weekend after weekend, being separated from my mom and dad. I hated leaving them to see father and Merily. I remembered going there one weekend and seeing that he married her in the photos. I remembered being invited to my own fathers wedding. I remembered playing with the neighborhood girls. I remembered I never got to say goodbye to them. All I have wanted to do is say goodbye to them.

I always thought my grandpa was buried in Provo. Yesterday, I found out he was buried in Springville.

I am in love with Ingrid Michaelson Pandora.

I just got a text from KC that said "Mayson the Rabbi" . . . What the heck?

I love running. LOVE IT.

It is Christian Paiva's birthday. Sarah and I were there with him, the moment he turned 17, right at midnight, we are cool like that.

Today at church, Shannon and I couldn't stop laughing at the funniest things.

I got rid of 3/4ths of my clothes. I cleaned my room. I am ready to go get new clothes now.

I ate a slushie yesterday. Reminded me of Juno.

I have this fear of teachers. I feel like I talk to them about my grade. They say not to worry. I worry anyway. I don't feel like they pull through unless you bother the heck out of them.

I have an irrational fear about not getting into college. I don't know why. I have good, good grades. I do extra curricular activities. It's the ACT I am worried about. I have only taken the practice and that was not very good, but I also didn't try to hard.

I only get to be in my seminary class two more days. I may cry. I have the best class in the whole world. Brother Olivas is the best man I have met in my whole life.

I love Mormon Messages. A lot. A lot.

Stookey on my skate ramp. Best thing ever.

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  1. Don't worry, I'm listening to Ingrid Michaelson Pandora right as I read this. And I'm SOOOO excited for THE FOREIGNER! Can you text me tomorrow to remind me to call The Hale though so that I can actually get tickets for that day? Thanks, you're a doll.