Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Changed My Blog

This is still me. The Diary of a Troubled Teen, or Face the Facts. You now know me as "World Gone Crazy" Why? Because I was bored with the blog I had before. So I went bold and changed it.

Last week was great. Temple, basketball games galore, getting asked to the dance, making videos with my buddies, sleeping, donating blood, hanging with Crit, all this goodness and more. 

This week will be good too. Basketball games (of course!), answering Trent (bound to happen this week), shopping with Sarah, more temple (pretty please sarah), the boys gone! (yes, goodbye mad, walker and father), the play. . . no comment... new beginnings, and probably tons more. 

Whoever said "Let's make 2011 amazing" sure did make a great motto for the year. ;)

January was great, February will be great too. Starting to count down the months til I can get outta here. 


  1. I did make a great motto didn't I? :) and you know what?! 2011 HAS been amazing!

  2. Okay, so first off, I reeallly love your new blog.
    So dang freakking cute.
    This year really has been so wonderful so far.
    I love that you have been putting up the pictures of us.
    (EMail me em maybe?)
    Temple most definitely this week. Love that place.
    :) :) :)


  3. Ps. I checked every box.

    :) Don't worry bout it.

  4. I love you. I love this. and I love your new look (of the blog).
    lets hang out I miss you miss.

  5. Shazzy: I literally can't remember who came up with that... It was one of us. Basically one of us said it and the other said to make it the motto of the year.

    Loubie: Yeah, pretty much because we are the ones who LOVE photo booth, and 2011 is so good so far. I could get those to you eventually. Somehow. LAPTOPS.

    CF: Please? Pretty please? I have a good idea... We will talk soon.