Tuesday, January 18, 2011

12. 45. Finished

I love my bucket list of things to do.

12. Make food for someone. Ok, I do this every day for my children. (NO, I am not a teenage mom in hiding, I do NOT have a child-- that's reference to my siblings) But I was kinda talking about someone besides them)

Sometimes I am sitting at my house and someone texts me and wants a sandwich. So I make it, and take it up to Timpview. Ok, why on earth would I ever be SO eager to make someone a sandwich? Let me tell you! Once upon a time, I had a friend. One weekend, I was so sick and dying and all I wanted was a sandwich. I told the friend. Guess who NEVER got a sandwich from the friend, me? Ok... never is an exaggeration. I got the stupid sandwich two months later when I was mad at the friend. Want to know the lesson I learned? Do something to be nice, because you care about the person, NOT because you want to win "points" with them.

Funny thing is, about a year later , I was sick. Instead of asking for something, a friend brought me a shake. Now, I think that this friend who brings me stuff and cares deserves a sandwich when they want a sandwich.So yes, 12 is complete. I made a sandwich.

45. Give someone a random gift. Fish. Fish is a random gift. Sometimes I go to the store and I decide to buy fish for others. The end.


  1. I bought my friends goldfish ones. It was pretty funny. I doorbell ditched them.

  2. Oh Bronwen, I forgot about that! Because Brooke kept stealing your food! Man, I that completely spaced my mind. And McKann, buying goldfish is so entertaining.