Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's get real here, I think I might miss Utah somedays.

Big Hands, Thumbs Up of a day

TA with Shazz Matazz- Love that girl, "Ultimate OCD question!!!"
Math-long, boring and too much thinking. 
Assembly-Ok the senior boys dance? Wonderful. I almost died watching the goldfish get eaten. Yucky.
English- Oh goodness, my mind stops half the time when I am supposed to be writing, I am pretty much a hopeless mess when it comes to that.
Lunch- Well, it was fine until everyone was making fun of me for being a woman. I honestly think women jokes are hilarious. I just hate not having a way to defend myself when 5 boys are getting after me, plus I am the only girl, in a kitchen, and they tell me to sweep. Ugh... man. But it was great when we got back and Sarah and I dominate at making KC feel bad when in reality we don't even care.
Yearbook- Yeah, I love yearbook, I almost am done with NEXT deadlines page, basketball. I rock.
Home time- Babysat, showered, answered the door in running shorts and a long shirt, let's just say Ryland and Tucker thought I wasn't wearing pants. Hung out with those two a little Auntie Tressa and her kiddos came over for a little. Yeah nothing much.
Basketball Practice- Mayson, a couple of beehives, a leader and her two boys. I suck.  I do. 
Home again- Grandpa and Brandon came over to watch Thrill Billies with my father, I shortly left.
JR. Jazz Basketball Game- Nothing I love more than my wild stallions. Great guys. KC, Sarah, Crit and I are the best fans ever. Mostly Sar-Bear and me. We rock. Until I kill people's ear (um... sarah and kc) when I accidentally yelled in their ear.
Gas Station- Sarah had to pick out a treat for ERIC!! So we did. I convinced Trenty to buy the blue powerade. Yeah, pretty great.
KC's house- Trenty left to get his outfit prepared to answer Eric, basically KC did too. That's when me and Lou were playing with Kong and Samson (easily my favorite dogs out there) and talking to KC's wonderful mother, one of my favorite ladies ever. Then you get KC and his mom together and you have quite a comedy.
Eric's House- Ok, no one is cooler than us. It's a fact. We basically had a wedding ceremony for the two of them. It was splendid. How it came to be, I don't know, but it was wonderful.
Ride Home- Run Around, Lightening Crashes, good music. Me and good ole Trent talking, chatting, goodness.
Home- Geology, blog, bed. Oh wait, I probably need to do the dishes about now. Ugh,... the word of the week is patience, after a year of no dishwasher, I am losing patience. Honestly it's not that bad, it's no disposal that makes me want to throw up and die. Yuck.

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