Tuesday, March 1, 2011

im just a stranger, even to myself

I love to run.

There is something about it that is almost impossible to explain.

Today started off with the ACT. I pretty much failed it, I know that one for sure.

Then we went to Pizza Pie Cafe with pretty much the whole world. (Yon Soo, thanks for planning that! It was absolutely a grand idea, I love that our class was able to unite!)

Then I went home and I watched the basketball game. Ugh. That was awful.

Then I was invited to go see Harry Potter the seventh and one half. But that is not right. I wish I knew what that would mean in math terms. hahaha

 I didn't end up going. I ended up running 6 miles. Ahh... Man I miss that. Seeing I only started running again yesterday, I think my legs are mad at me.

"Jumper" just came on Pandora. That reminds me of KC, Trent, Christian, Mady and Sarah. Yay for friendship songs!!!

Overall, it has been a pretty decent day :)

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  1. I listened to that song today too!
    I looked it up on YouTube because I was thinking about our group of friends and that song came to mind.

    Just thought you should know.