Friday, March 18, 2011

A Plethora of Freshman

Lately, my love of freshmen has grown so dang much. Honestly, I freaking dang love those guys. They are so easy to talk to and I love them dearly. So freshmen, this is for you. 

How can you NOT love this?
First, Joe-berry. Ok, I love how when we first met, we didn't like each other. But then, over time (and a trip to California) we became friends. Remember that one time when Tanner and I threw you in a bush? Yeah, sorry about that.  Joe is the greatest. I could talk to him forever, pick on him, and still love him for telling me that life is good because he hasn't gotten in trouble with the cops or the school. No vandalizing. No stealing. Not even skipping half of class to chat with me and Lauren. Jackie, can I just say how much I freaking love your brother? 

We love you Conrad, Oh yes we do! 
Then we have Conrad Freaking Smith. Drama has been so dang fun with him. He acts, and I wish I knew how to. Conrad is always so stinking nice to me and I hope we have Drama again next year. Look at him, he is wonderful. :) 

Taylor and Carson. Yeah, we all have boy names. We cool.

Taylor. Tay Tay, Bay Bay.  Oh goodness, Taylor is my favorite. I honestly could be with her for hours and hours. We just talk about who knows what, and end up laughing forever. I am so happy Taylor is in my ward. We just laugh forever. How is someone so cool? Honestly, I can't get over Taylor. Seriously, she is the best ever. Ever. 

Ok, and the other girl in this picture, Carson. Oh my heck. Ok, I could be with these two all day every day. First of all, look at them-- they are gorgeous. But that is besides the point. These two always make me feel so good. They make me feel like I am a comedian or something. They are always laughing at me. Maybe it's because I am such a ditz. :) But ok, lets be real here, they are so dang funny. Please be my friend forever Carson? I lovest you dearly. 

Who the heck is this gorgeous girl?

Gabby. What would yearbook be without Gabby? She is my favorite to talk to. She is such a darling girl who understands me so well. Next year we will party hardy in yearbook even more. Sometimes, I honestly sit in my room and think about how much I sincerely love her.

The others are mostly in my drama class. Liz and Bethany. Ok, these two are so wonderful. I know I have said that about everyone, but I really really love these girls - like a lot. They make me so happy and I love being around them. Nick is pretty cool. I love to be around him. Tautiyana. Coolest black girl ever. And she never lets anyone forget it. "Oh of course it's Snow WHITE!" That and "I think I am going anorexic" Sometimes in Drama we laugh for 20 minutes straight. Gotta love Taut. I really want to do a scene with her next year for Drama competition. (I secretly, openly, wish I could be good at Drama. I truly love it a lot) Drama kids make the world go round. Especially my freshmen buddies.

Can anyone tell how much I admire this girl?

I just thought of someone. ABI. Abi who plays the uke for me and writes songs about Tanner with me. Yeah baby. I love talking to Abi and being with Abi and anything with Abi. And Abi Abi Abi. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Abi. 

Oh and Gwen? Are you out there Gwen? Yeah, maybe I haven't seen you in for-freaking-ever, but I do not love you any less. Gwen is so cute and trendy. I wish I could be Gwen. Seriously? I am positive she is so dang adorable, and I am sure her and Henry have the same genes so I bet she is genius. Gwen, I need to be honest with you, Gwen is seriously on my list of favorite names for girls. (Actually Gwendaline but if my husband says I can name my second girl Gwendaline, we will probably call her Gwen and then you can feel all cool and hopefully she can be just like you.)

Ok sure they bug me sometime. Sure I look at them and laugh because they are so different and young to me. But honestly, those freshmen usually make my day that much better and that much brighter.

Yeah, I love you class of . . .2014? Is that even right? 

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  1. haha they are VERY cute! especially the one that kinda looks like me. haha. mayson, i'm totally showing him this, i hope you don't mind.