Thursday, March 24, 2011

i believe in miracles

I don't know how but I somehow got an A in math. I thought I accepted my fate with an A- and decided it was just school, but reality is, I am SO happy I didn't lose my 4.0

Sometimes in life there are small miracles, like a grade going up 2%, and others in life, there are large miracles that effect our lives forever.

Today, I want to speak of the latter. The large miracles in my life are mostly found in the 3 cute kids we own. Today is Maddox's birthday, and this my dear children, is a  tribute to him.

Maddox is a punk. I think he was born that way. There is something about Maddox. When I get frustrated at him because he kicked me (again) or he hit me (again) or he yelled at me or whatever, it reminds me of his birth-parents. See, Maddox was no mistake to them. Bobby and Kelly planned to have him, but made choices along the way and they realized they had two options. Give him up for adoption, or have the state take him. They loved him and wanted him to have a real family, stability and hope. Foster care isn't always the best solution. So I am reminded of seven years ago, sitting at a Golden Corral with two people who just handed their baby to us. So for them, I will always love Maddox. (Well, he is my brother. . . )

We called him the rat baby. He came home 5lbs 5oz. But he sure was a beautiful baby. He has the longest eyelashes and is the perfect mix of his birth parents. Sometimes I look at him and see Kelly. Sometimes I look at him and see Bobby. But mostly, I look at him and see Maddox.

If you have met Maddox you love him. He has that touch on people. Lauren, although he threw scissors at you, I know you love him. Sarah, although he chases you around the kitchen trying to get you to kiss him, you know you love him. Jensen, he is your brother, you better love him.

One of my favorite things to do is look at the yearbook with him. He spots out any person he has seen once. Like Rachel Davis, who probably helped him one time in the office last year and he just knew who he was. Every kid in our ward he knows, Hen-ery (I love the way he says his name) BJ, Andy-- KC, Stookey, Christian. He can seriously spot out any person. I LOVE IT.

Honestly, this kid is the most talented, cutest kid ever. I love Mad-max. Happy Birthday buddy.

(The pictures are old, I am too lazy to dig through thousands of pictures)

PS. Greatest moment of the day, besides the "A", Um... I walk into Acapella room because Emily is trying to convince me to hang out, and there is just a piece of paper with my name on it. Mayson! That is all it said. Pretty great moment. I kinda wish there was more to it, but hey, I am keeping this paper forever. 

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