Monday, March 28, 2011

true friendship.

Sometimes in life all you need is a good friend. I have found within my life, I have been blessed heavily with friends. I feel that each of my friends support me and make me better people. My friends vary from people to people. Some are wonderful, uplifting people who I could be around all day, and others are those who I can be with for a few hours and call it good. But either way, I love my friends.

Something I have been reminded of through out my life is that sometimes you just can't depend on people. Time after time, certain people have put me down, and I can no longer depend on them. This has formed a trust issue with me and certain people. No, not the stranger down the street, I trust them more than I trust someone I have known forever. I fear being loved my people because I fear being left behind.

But I have certain friends who have stood by me thick and thin and I thank them for that. Year after year, they put up with my crap. They understand me, watch me break down and cry, seen me freak out and go crazy. These people are those I call my truest friends. Yeah, in collection they are my best friends as well, but I give them the title of "true" friends because I feel that "true" friendship lasts forever where "best" friendship may not last forever. True friends have gained my complete trust, and I know, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, they have my back. 

Life goes by and time does too. Your simple smile, your outgoing personality, your voice your laugh all face in the distance. Luckily as we grow apart, we will always be friends. That's what true friends are for. To watch us change. To see our ups and downs. To see us achieve, and sometimes fail. To grow a distance from. To be with us until the end. But no matter how far we go, change, or fail, we will be friends forever, because that's what true friends are for.

I remember when I was trying to decide about Maryland. I was nervous about losing all of my friends. But I remembered, somewhere at Timpview High, I had my true friends. And I felt okay. I knew that they would be my support if I lost everything. They always have been, and always will. They will be they aunts to my children, and will be my bridesmaids. These girls I will grow old with, even if we just have to talk on the phone, and go out for lunch every few months. I love them dearly, and I hope they know that and always will. Here's to you guys, thanks for everything.

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