Sunday, March 20, 2011

i took my love and i took it down

The other day, I vented to Mrs. Van Orden about everything on my mind. She said, "Time really does heal all wounds." I hated that. First it was a cliche and I didn't believe it. 

But time, space and talking truly does heal things.  She said, "You either talk about it, or forget it ever happened and move on." I had tried the first thing, and the second thing wasn't going very well. Sometimes it takes more than one conversation,  and it takes different circumstances. 

In your words "There is hope for a better world" - - I agree. It is just high school. This is one of those hilarious situations I will tell my kids about when you are our bishop. (Ok that happened in my dream one time, and I can actually see that happening)

It feels good to be done with this stress and on to new ones. KC told me to be optimistic and happy today.  I am. 

Yeah, maybe I am "running away to the east just like before" but if only you could understand. . . I am running from the people that caused this problem. This time I am not walking, walking angrily-- I am getting on a plane and leaving. Not from you this time, from her. One day I will realize that you can't just up and leave your problems. Maybe that is not what I am doing.  Maybe all I am doing is giving it time and space. 

Time and space healed this one. At least for now :) 

Ps. McKann and Sarah-- you are some of the best friends ever. Thanks for being there with me :)  Lauren-- Thanks for providing the place. Sorry about Africa. :) 


  1. Eating. And being there for my best friend.
    What could be better?