Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Commonly, after school, I went home and went on facebook. Lately, via Facebook or Blog, people have been doing their 30 day challenges. One of the days is "If I could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be?" In most people's minds, it's someone, rich or famous. At the top of my mind, I would pick Taylor Swift. 

But then I saw on my friend's page...
"I would trade a day in the life of a cancer patient, so I could relieve their pain"

That is true inspiration. Why trade places with someone who has EVERYTHING? They wouldn't appreciate YOUR life? You sure wouldn't either. The next day, you would go home to your "small" house, and have only $5.00 in your wallet and your world wouldn't be good enough for you anymore.

So now, now that I actually thought about it for a minute, thought about the world we live in, there are far more people in the world who deserve to see how good life can be. Living in Provo, Utah, no one of us have it as bad as most in the world. Sure, life gets hard-- everyone knows that. But deep down, we have it good and we are blessed. People have no food, no family, no support, and still thank God above for their blessings. Full blown with aides, no shelter, no mother tucking her in at night-- nothing.

Living in America, we can't even comprehend what the world sees. Living in Provo, we can't even comprehend the tragedies in this world. But somehow, people in distress thank God above for their things.

So, when asked next time who I would trade my day with, I would say--

An African girl, full blown aides, no family, no food, no shelter.
A  Jewish child from World War II
A cancer patient, but can you imagine having cancer with no good heath care? People, that exists.
The guy with no arms or legs.
A deaf person. A bling person. 
People with disabilities.

Not Taylor Swift. 

So when you say your prayers tonight, don't just pray for the things you need. Thank Heavenly Father for the blessings you take for granted every single day. Warm clothes, education, shelter, food, family, friends, technology, even the President of the United States. (I hear people complain about that daily, hey you, go to Egypt or Libya and realize-- our government is not that bad)  

We are more blessed then we realize. 

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