Sunday, March 13, 2011

bucket list.

22. Go a week without Facebook.

I did it. Yeah. I decided last Saturday, no facebook this week. I didn't really care too much. Yeah it was tempting at times but it is a sigh of relief to have it done.

52. Dress up crazy, and crash a party.

Sarah Thayne is too good to be true. Our outfits rocked the world on Friday. So what if we weren't invited? We are coming anyway.

Anyway, I officially will run May 7th half marathon. June 1st I leave for Maryland. Fun stuff coming up.

Next big thing? Planning Morp. Yeah baby.

Ps. If anyone knows how to change what the "reactions" buttons at the bottom and wants to help let me know. :) 

1 comment:

  1. hey cutie! :)
    I can for sure help you out with the reactions!
    1. do to design
    2.then go to blog posts at the bottom right you'll see Edit! click on it ;)
    3.and then you'll scroll down and see reactions and click on Edit again. and there you have it!

    ps love you and your post! :)