Thursday, March 3, 2011

three very important people

As I read Dania and Bronwen's blogs-- I became sad. Not because they love each other very much or Dania wishes she were me. :) I realized they are graduating. And then I was sad. Seniors, I honestly won't miss many of you, but this is a tribute to my absolute favorite three senior friends that I will definitely miss very most. 

McKann Hanseen. 

I cannot get enough of this girl. Since freshman year, Mckann and I have been pretty good friends. So maybe we aren't the type to hang out every weekend, but when we get together it is epic. This girl gets me. She totally understands everything. I love sitting in her cute little truck and chatting. It will be weird to not have her at school. (Ok, I don't really see her at school, but I hope she will play with me still) Somehow, although she is the busiest girl I know, I love how she genuinely cares about so many people. McKann is no "half" friend. She is fully there if you need her. I have had countess good times with her. Yeah, I will definitely miss her so so so so much. I just hope graduation isn't goodbye forever! 

Dania Frandsen.

If you do not absolutely love Dania, you seriously have a problem. Dania is truly inspiring. Everything she does is just absolutely wonderful. She is such a good example to everyone. I love talking in her car too. Its sorta something I apparently love to do. Talk. (hahahahaha) I will seriously miss Dania so incredibly much. Who will I talk to at church? Who will understand my fantasies of getting married? Who will blast the wretched song as we drive and I want to cry because she is torturing me? I can't explain Dania.  She is so amazing. I appreciate her friendship more than she realizes. I hope she visits our little family ward every once in a while. I will need her every once in a while to keep me grounded and normal. Dania reminds me that I am not the only crazy person in the world. Whether we are rocking out in the car, or tunnel singing, I can't get enough of her.

Bronwen Biddulph.

I have to admit, the first day of XC I thought she hated me. We were track buddies but then some "circumstances" happened and I was convinced she thought that I was a horrible person. The next day, I realized I am crazy. Bronwen. Bronwen. Bronwen. Oh gosh. This girl is too good to be true. I love talking with her for like 14 straight hours. I love that we could run together. I love that she understands that boys can't be girls. (hahaha) Bronwen is one of those people that you just have to be happy to be around. I remember the day I found out she was going to Footlocker. I think I was a little excited. Just a little? Yeah. . . Then that whole trip was wonderful. The whole dang girl is wonderful. She is such a kind soul and an amazing friend. I love you most, and I always will. 


  1. MAYSON. Oh my freaking heck why are you so nice to me?! I love you dearest. And guess what I was just thinking about today? (This is no joke--I really was thinking about this today.) When I am at BYU, you MUST come sleepover with me in my apartment/dorm/wherever I live. Yes?! Good, that's settled.

  2. Whatevs mayson! I love YOU most! And don't worry, just cause I'm graduating doesn't mean we can't be running buddies or talk about boys for hours buddies! I love you!