Thursday, March 10, 2011

59 days, will i be ready?

Today I was reminded I don't only love running.

I do have a love-hate relationship with the guy.

I remember a few months back, Dania and I were talking about running. I clearly remember her saying, "People think that just because I am a 'runner' that I don't ever have bad days running." I was under the idea that Dania never had a hard time running myself. But I learned a good lesson that day, no matter how good you get at something it doesn't mean you don't have a hard time.

Ok, I may not be in super great shape right now, (or even in shape it feels like!) and its not like I was ever an amazing runner, but today's run shouldn't have been as hard as it was. I only did like 3.5- 4 miles. (Probably closer to 3.5) I did run up Timpview/Wills Hill. (Whatever you call that dumb hill) but other than that it shouldn't have been so hard. I  had a bad physical run. My body was hurting, especially my shoulders and neck. (Don't ask me, you think it would be more my legs, but my legs were mad at me too).  My foot didn't hurt, thats a sign. Well I ran in my old shoes to see if my new shoes were the problem, by golly I think they were. That sucks. I hope it is an easy fix so my brand new asics don't go to waste. (Plus they look super cool!) My poor physical strength lead to a mental disturbance. I had a mentally bad run too. I kept beating myself up. It didn't seem right to be so upset and bad at running. It reminded me of my first day of XC. That's how bad it was.

As I finally made it home, I thought, if every running day was perfect, I never would push myself. I wouldn't want to run as much. It wouldn't be worth anything. Tomorrow, I want to go kick that run in the face and show running who is boss. That run made me angry and now I am motivated to try even harder. Bad runs teach me how awesome good ones are.  There really is opposition to all things. 

"Running is the perfect metaphor to life, whatever you put in it, you get out"
-Oprah Winfrey 

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