Saturday, April 2, 2011

he smiles politely back at you.

Morp was so much fun. Definitely in my top dances, and my favorite girl's choice dances. I did kinda freak out at the end and went insane, crazy.... Yeah. But still, Stuart was such a fun date. He's truly a great kid. He put up with my crazy freak out, and I put up with his Jimmer arguments. Well kinda, I just went in the other room with my ice cream. I didn't mind. :) I kept forgetting I was on a date. That happens everytime I am at a dance. Then a slow song comes on and I am like "Oh yeah, where is my date?" Sorry boys. 

Prom is in less then 3 weeks. What the freak? I thought that I Prom time would never come in my lifetime. I specifically remember being little and thinking high school was some fantasy life where everything goes perfect. Man, Disney ruined me. :) According to Disney, boy likes girl, girl likes boy, something "tragic" happens, they fight and make up right in time for the dance. Oh Disney, you make me laugh. (Has anyone seen Starstruck? I was watching that the other day and I realized that the reason why high school will never satisfy me is because in Disney movies everything works out perfect) But hey, overall, even after my bit of a freak out last night and my fears that my mom will say something awful like she did last time, I am excited. Oh and speaking of my mother and Prom... Today she told me to wear my shoes from Valentines to Prom. I told her multiple times why I can't wear heels. Does she not understand, the boy just can't grow overnight?!

But mostly, I love this song. Um...Did anyone see that Grey's? OH MY HECK. That is in my top favorite episodes ever. Gosh, that was incredible. I loved it. 

Today, I realized I am a poet and I didn't even know it.

I also realized, yard work makes me cry. Yeah, I cried because of yard work. Hey Uncle Shee-shee? My girl emotions are really kicking in lately. What is wrong with me?! 

I went and saw that Hop movie. Eh.. it was ok. I laughed pretty hard. It was good. James Marsden is attractive, but also super corny. (hahaha, get my pun? like Corny Collins from Hairspray? I crack myself up)

Speaking of which, everyone should go to Yogurtland. It is heaven on earth. Yogurtland on earth. 

Conference makes me happy. Today, I definitely heard some amazing things and I can't wait to reread talks. Oh my, I seriously love conference. 

And one last thing, 3 months til T-bone gets home. I love that kid so much. See you in your neck of the woods buddy! Here I come! CJ... I miss you too. Sorry I won't be home to greet you. Please don't forget me. :) 
CJ. I miss you so so much. I love my 2nd brother so much.

tanner opening his call. 
last picture of me and the bones

That's all folks. 

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