Saturday, April 23, 2011

now you're beside me and look how far we've come

And the Unicorn went to Prom . . . I mean the magical field. And it was amazing.

this is me appearing from no where. hahaha 
prom :) 

you gotta love this one.

Well, I have talked about it enough on here, I am sure you want to, if you even read my blog haha, hear a little bit about my night.

He picked me up and all my family stared at him as we drove away. The worst part was over. He faced my mom, and she didn't say anything awful like she has on previous dances.

Corsage before... 
Then we went to dinner at Magelbys. Yum. Kristen and I fell in love with our adorable waiter. He was such a good looking human being. I ordered something that wasn't even on the menu, and somehow Kat got my food, she didn't seem to notice. That was hilarious. I was the only person on the table to order an actual drink. That was embarrassing. So Jake and I decided to share it so I didn't look like a fool. We ate our food, as Kat went "dateless" because Chase forgot his debit card at home. That was funny. :)

Corsage after. It struggled. 
Then we went to the dance. We were super early. We took our pictures, danced to "Friday" twice, we partied. The dance was so great. I loved it. (Even though we hardly danced) We were on the side little area dancing alone. It was so funny. We danced so ugly on purpose. Then Tim and Andrea came by, they were hilarious too. We did the whole Promenade thing. That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

After we went to Chase's house. We ate ice cream, chatted, played a game-- it was great. My group was hilarious. They were fun. Everyone was so pretty and gorgeous last night. I can't get over how good everyone looked.

Overall, it was a pretty great night. :) Thanks to Jake, my group, and all the people who helped me prepare, mentally and physically.  hahaha I definitely couldn't have done any of it alone.

my mom told us to turn around. not exactly sure why :) 

yep ladies, that's my date.
And we were off. . . 

That's all folks.