Wednesday, April 13, 2011

it's a typical tuesday night

Except really-- it wasn't.

Spring break so far has been an adventure.

Friday- Well that was Stanford's birthday party. We went to the beach resort. We surfed, played games, and I even sung some karaoke. After I called Sarah, and we went to the outdoor concert, happened to be Ryan Shuppe and the Rubberband. I loved them. So talented. After that, we went to Paige's and watched Hot Rod. Well they did. I fell asleep. :)

Saturday- So... Oh yeah. Travis Tyler got his wisdom teeth out so Amanda and I took him some Jamba Juice. He was abnormally normal and fine. So we were there for a little. Later that night we went to Lauren's play "The Titanic". That was good. We met some kid named Josh. Hahaha. After Cf, Amanda and I just went to my house. Andy and Stookey randomly visited. That was pleasant. ;)

Sunday- Sunday School Games, napping, my grandmas house, Laurens house, playing nertz, McKann and Sarah coming and visiting. Oh yeah.

Monday- Babysitting. Cafe Rio. Bowling 3 rounds with Sarah. Ice Cream. Visiting KC. Yeah.

Tuesday- Oh Tuesday! So Sarah and I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese. That was fun. Then we went shopping with her mom, sister and brother. I love both Ashley and Noah so much. Pretty great. Then we went to Taco Time. Yummy. After we were sitting at Sarah's house and Stuart called. Travis, Connor Goodwin, Bryson Seifert, and Stuart were going to the Hot Pots in Heber and wanted us to go. So... We did. After waving to some "friendly people" we got into the warm water and were having a good time. Basically, we see a car, a couple of flashlights, and yep, you guessed it, it was the cops. Apparently, we were trespassing and the "friendly" people were the owners and instead of being normal and telling us to get off their property, they just called the cops on us. So we all got a citation, and will have to pay a fee. Yeah. At first I was freaking out, but after I called my mom, and the boys were joking a lot, I was fine. Mayson Astle got a citation. I never had that planned. Ever. But hey, how funny is that? So now my mom calls me her "little criminal" and I have some seriously good things to laugh about. (that is, until I find out how much money I must pay!!!) 

#9-Do something rebellious. That's good enough for me. Check. 

And today is Wednesday. We shall see what it will bring. Last night I had 2 dreams about me forgetting that the elections packets were due and I couldn't run for Student Government. It was a nightmare. AHH!!! I would dream of something like that. I am Mayson. 

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