Tuesday, April 26, 2011

find a place where we escape

Have you ever had a thought? (I sure hope so.)
I mean, the kind of thought that controls your brain and suffocates all other thoughts? It takes over and spreads like wild fire. 

Sometimes it's a thought that about wishing and day dreaming. It's not a bad thought. It's just an unrealistic thought. The kind of thought that in reality, it only happens in the movies. (or the Ensign)

It's the thought that makes you consider your daily actions and future decisions a little more carefully than you would before. 

It really is one of those "What if" kind of thoughts. The kind that sometimes you just wish that for a moment it could truly happen. 

It's a silly thought really. A pointless thought. But a fun thought. A harmless thought. (Harmless until you start believing in the thought)

And when you can't stop thinking, you have 2 things to do. Write it down, so you can laugh about it in years to come.  Then be grateful that Jeffrey R. Holland exists. 

"Trust in God and believe in good things to come"

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