Wednesday, April 20, 2011

you wanna be a loser like me

 The unicorn almost wants to go to the field. almost.

But for now, let me tell you about my day! 
  • Geology- PROJECT! Domination
  • Drama- read script, sat and listened to Brower, gotta love that man
  • Seminary-planned my lesson with Malcolm, gonna be SWEET. I love Spencer W. Kimball
  • World Civ- Oops I forgot to go, so instead
  • Mall- Baseball boys. Yeah, I went to the mall with the baseball boys. It was splendid. 
  • Stud Gov Meeting- I decided to run for executive vp. no one is running against me. STUD GOV HERE I COME!!!! SO PUMPED.
  • Temple- Sarah and I went to the temple. Record time. We were in and out in 25 minutes. I love the temple so much. :)
  • Babsysitting- eh, it was babysitting
  • Young Women- sat and talked to the Shan Dizzile. 
  • Oh and I think I might have (not really me though honestly) made CF's day. Just maybe :) 
Now I sit in my room and blog. But really, do you really want to know what made my day? 

MY GLASSES CAME! Yep. Those are REAL. I did just buy the most nerdy glasses ever. I love them. Don't hate. :) 
It's kinda like a dream come true

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  1. I love you! you are the cutest and the glasses.. goodness they are my dream come true on you! haha
    ps you made my life 10x better! goodness you are AMAZING!!!