Monday, April 25, 2011

when will my life begin?

I love that I am just writing this outside. It is warm enough to bring my laptop outside and look around at the world I live in. 
Well now what? I am ready for summer/senior year. Elections don't really matter, Prom/Dances are over for the year-- now I am just waiting. Waiting for Maryland. Waiting for senior year. Waiting for something new and exciting. 

I remember the day my brother left for his mission. He stood in our driveway, looking at the mountains as if he would never see them again. His destiny was to leave his family, friends, and the comfort of his home and social life to serve the people of Maryland. And now, almost two years later,  I look at the same mountains, with almost the same destiny ahead of me.  The closer it gets, the more I think I will miss it. I am going to miss the mountains, my family, my friends, being comfortable, and my social life. 

Leaving makes me wonder where the next years of my life will lead. I can't help but wonder what college will be like, who I will make as new friends, who I will choose to marry. Prom was the day I dreamed of my whole life, and it's already over. I think I will be graduated in a blink of an eye, and married in 5 minutes. Honestly, where will my life lead? Sometimes I think I know, or have an idea. And others, it just is a complete mystery. Well, all in due time, and I will know. 

5 weeks. 5 weeks til we say goodbye. 

That's a scary thought.

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