Monday, April 4, 2011

i'll brush and brush and brush and brush my hair.

prettiest cartoon character ever. 
Today in English, Travis Tyler and I were singing Tangled the whole time. Pretty much the best movie ever. I love it. Travis is so funny. He waited up to buy it on iTunes the minute he could, put in on his ipod and watched it the very night it came out. How stinking funny is that? 

"7am the usual morning line up...." (That was basically the only line I knew, Travis knew them all hahaha)

I am a happy girl lately. I still want elections to be over. But still, I have high hopes for April. 

Catie Brown is such a cool girl. Did you guys know that? First, have you seen her clothes? Today she was wearing the sweetest hat and the color of her shirt was genius. She also has some seriously good advice to give. I love that she is in my ward and we are buddies. I like her a lot. That was random, but it needed to be said.

I went and re-read my "Oh freaking well post" I make myself laugh. Everything I complained about didn't even happen. Lauren calls me the luckiest person alive. I would say so. For sure.

Conference was absolutely wonderful and amazing. I can't get over how perfect it was for me. So wonderful.

Hey, CF? I love you. Please remember you are a very important daughter of a Heavenly Father. 

"When you pray, pray for strength to help you carry on when your troubles come your way. When you dream, dream BIG."


  1. Mayson, I know how pathetic this may be but you just made me cry with happy tears! I love you dearest soso much! I'm so thankful I can call you my very dearest friend. thank you :)

  2. 7 a.m. ... haha you're so cute, Mayson.