Saturday, April 30, 2011

all my thoughts crowd my head

Happy 200th Post! It's been a long week. Don't you think?

I think I am ready for summer. I leave in 32 days, one month from tomorrow! Ahh. I can't believe it. I can't believe I really am going to be gone. Eric, the guy I am living with, sent me a picture on Facebook of a pass to "Bretton Woods" the country club they go to,  complete with: swimming pool, basketball, volleyball, 18 hole golf course, tennis courts, and soccer field. That's when I wish I could take all my friends to Maryland with me so they can experience it. I have one goal- I am going to go golfing this summer. I have wanted to go for so long! I have access to one a course all summer. I also would LOVE to go to a major league baseball game. The Martinis' are "Nationals" fans. I bet they will take me. :) They are such cool people, and I have only talked to them over Facebook. I can't wait. 

Kat, I have an idea. When we are living in the east coast we should get together and party. Good plan huh?

Senior year is going to be a party. Congrats to the Stud Gov winners. I am next year's Executive Vice President. I am also excited for Yearbook. I will be the Editor -in-Chief next year. Overall, both will be a party. Also, a lot of hard work. But worth that will be rewarding and worth it. 29. Check.

My mom just left for work and said "See ya later alligator" and answered to herself "In a while crocodile" 

I just looked at the weather for the next week. Apparently it's going to be in the 60's all next week. That would be a dream. 

Here's to 200 blog posts. Mostly about nothing. (or boys haha) My fellow followers, I love you all. I enjoy you guys. The "thumbs ups" or comments make me feel loved. hahaha. Technology. How come we feel good if we get a "like" or "comment" or "thumbs up" or "wall post" or "text message" or "email"?  (Ok not sure why I wrote each word in " ")   It's just a computer, or phone telling us something. It doesn't mean anything-- but it does.

The world is a funny place. Isn't it?

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  1. Absolutely! East coast parties all the way.